Holiday Breakup (2016) Manon Mathews, Shawn Roe, Katie Leclerc, Matt Riedy, Daniel Hugh Kelly Movie Review

Holiday Breakup (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Manon Mathews and Shawn Roe in Holiday Breakup (2016)

Faking at the Holidays

Having typically been hassled by her mum about meeting a man to settle down with Chloe (Manon Mathews) quite literally bumps into Geoff (Shawn Roe) when she drives in to the back of him and before long they are not just dating but getting a place together. Unfortunately Geoff's career focused father does not think the immature Chloe is right for him if he is serious about becoming a lawyer and soon the doubts make Geoff believe they are too different to make it as a couple. But with the holiday season coming they know that it will be a nightmare if they are recently single and so decide to pretend to still be a couple to get through it.

I always try to look for some thing positive in a movie whether I only just about like or really dislike it and so when it comes to "Holiday Breakup" there is something I liked. That was the basic idea, the play on the fake relationship storyline as we have Chloe and Geoff having broken up agree to pretend to still be an item over the holidays in order to escape all the pity which comes with being a singleton at that time of year. It isn't that the idea is great and it certainly doesn't generate much in the form of originality when it comes to what happens but it is a nice play on a familiar idea.

Unfortunately beyond the idea I have to say that "Holiday Breakup" did not do a great deal for me with this feeling like a bunch of amateurs raised the funds to try and make a romantic comedy. The result is a movie which doesn't have the best script or dialogue, the acting often feels awkward and the whole thing lacks the right sort of atmosphere. Basically this lacks the finesse and those touches which you get from bigger budget movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Holiday Breakup" is certainly not the worst movie I have sat through but it is heavily flawed with it basically feeling quite amateurish.