His Double Life (2016) (aka: Betrayed) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Brian Krause, Cristine Prosperi Movie Review

His Double Life (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Cristine Prosperi in His Double Life (2016) (aka: Betrayed)

Suspecting Stepdad

Five years after her father died in a car crash Scarlett (Cristine Prosperi) is returning home for Winter break from university. But home is no longer the home she had grown up with as her mum, Linda (Emmanuelle Vaugier), has married her late father's business partner, Greg (Brian Krause), and home is his large home. It is something Scarlett is not overly happy about and is suspicious of her stepfather despite having no reason to be. When her suspicions get the better of her and follows Greg she catches him with another woman but then is horrified when the next day she discovers the woman she saw him with has turned up dead.

Let me say that if you chose to watch "His Double Life", which also goes by the name "Betrayed, which is an equally generic Lifetime movie name, you will have to watch it to the end. I say that because everything about this movie seems typical made for TV thriller as we have Scarlett suspecting her mum's new husband of not being all he seems to be. First she suspects he is seeing another woman and when she is murdered suspects him capable of being a killer and as such both her and her mother could be in jeopardy being in his ridiculously impressive home. As such you have to wonder whether his motive is adultery or something to do with business maybe or just maybe there is something else going on for once and to find out you have to keep watching.

Brian Krause in His Double Life (2016) (aka: Betrayed)

Now I suppose I could tell you that by being so typical "His Double Life" is actually being quite clever, playing on the fact that audiences for this sort of movie will be familiar with the set up. But what that means when it comes to the acting and the characters what we get is also familiar with Brian Krause delivering sleazy and suspicious whilst Cristine Prosperi does cute and persistent when it comes to Scarlett. It is a case that for the most these characters are entertaining but forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "His Double Life" is a typical made for TV thriller with a but which I can't tell you about. It is a but which means you need to keep watching even when you think this is just another typical Lifetime movie although I can't promise you that you won't find it laughable.