His and Her Christmas (2005) Movie Review

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His and Her Christmas (2005)

A Christmas War of Words

Both Tom Lane (David Sutcliffe - On Strike for Christmas) and Liz Madison (Dina Meyer - A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale) are not only single, with friends trying to find them partners, but they are both journalists. However whilst Tom works for the San Francisco Sun, a major paper, Liz works for the Marin County Voice, a much smaller paper. But then the Voice is bought by the same company which owns the Sun with plans of closing it down. Upset at the paper being folded Liz sets about increasing readership with an editorial about Christmas and the community which not only increases readership but leaves the owning company having second thoughts. But it also leads to Tom to write a counter editorial as his career plans are put in jeopardy by Liz, it leads to the two of them ending up having a war of words in their columns.

Two things jumped to my mind as I watched "His and Her Christmas". The first of which is that whilst this Christmas movie was aired on Lifetime it would as easily have been at home on Hallmark with its light hearted seasonal styling and easy to watch romantic comedy. As such I am sure many will know what to expect from "His and Her Christmas" even without watching it; be it the Christmassy look and the way this romance plays out to the characters we meet along the way. Basically what I am saying is that "His and Her Christmas" is a grade A typical made for TV romantic comedy which for many will be an easy on the eye experience.

Before I get to the other thing which jumped to mind as I watched "His and Her Christmas" I might as well mention the cast because both Dina Meyer and David Sutcliffe have what I call the Christmas TV movie look. As such they add to that easy on the eye appeal whilst having a certain amount of spark between them.

But there is that other thing and in a way "His and Her Christmas" at least on paper reminds me of the Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn movie "Woman of the Year" as that featured a couple of journalists squabbling across their paper columns. In truth that is where the comparison ends but I wouldn't be surprised if the initial idea for "His and Her Christmas" came from "Woman of the Year".

Of course there is one other thing which needs to be mentioned as this features "Christmas" in the title and even touches on the subject with Liz writing about being single and surviving Christmas whilst Tom writes a counter point to her article. But trust me "His and Her Christmas" is not the most Christmassy of movies and certainly not a movie which is quickly going to get you in to the seasonal swing of things.

What this all boils down to is that "His and Her Christmas" ended up a bit so so for me. There was nothing really terrible about it yet at the same time there was nothing special either and certainly nothing which would make me want to watch it again.

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