Here Comes the Son (1996) (aka: The Bachelor's Baby) Scott Bakula, Chelsea Field, Dan Lauria, Cynthia Martells, Pamela Brull, Belita Moreno Movie Review

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Scott Bakula in Here Comes the Son (1996) (aka: The Bachelor's Baby)

1 Man and a Baby

Jake Henry (Scott Bakula - Color of Night) loves his life; he is a bachelor who enjoys commitment free dating whilst recording his own product review show from his own living room. But his life gets turned upside down when Jamie (Chelsea Field - Andre), a former lover, shows up and surprises him with the news he has a baby son, Zack. With Jamie struggling to cope as a single mum Jake decides he needs to take responsibility despite having no idea about being a parent. Despite numerous issues, including some with a social worker, Jake bonds with young Zack so much that when Jamie returns to get her son back he doesn't want to let him go.

So "Here Comes the Son", which also goes by the name "The Bachelor's Baby", is another movie which sets up the familiar storyline of a grown man suddenly thrown in at the deep end when he becomes a dad to a young child. It is a familiar storyline which if it wasn't for the fact these sorts of movies are genuinely entertaining I would say it has been done to the death. Now in fairness "Here Comes the Son" is based on a true story which sort of adds something to it, as does a twist which arrives half way through, but it doesn't prevent it from covering plenty of familiar ground.

Chelsea Field in Here Comes the Son (1996) (aka: The Bachelor's Baby)

As such, "Here Comes the Son" works because of two familiar elements starting with Jake having no idea of how to look after a young child. There are the usual issues from spilt drinks to him putting Zack on the floor near some steps and then has to leap up to stop him from tumbling down them. But of course as Jake spends time with his son we see him bond with him which makes it hard when the time comes to stop being a dad. There is more to "Here Comes the Son" than just the generic as we also have the storyline revolving around Jamie trying to prove she is a suitable mother as well as a twist which arrives midway to present Jake with a battle, but most of the movie plays to the familiar single haphazard dad formula.

The thing is that whilst "Here Comes the Son" ends up often familiar it works in a light hearted way with some fun writing and amusing scenes. But the key to this is Scott Bakula because he has the right attitude for the movie from playing the bachelor to the unprepared dad who safety proofs his home with gaffa tape and bungee cord. Bakula also brings out the sweet side of the movie as the paternal side of his character starts to emerge which makes it easy to champion him.

What this all boils down to is that "Here Comes the Son" whilst based on a true story is nothing new and little more than the familiar unprepared man having to deal with a baby storyline. But if you enjoy these sorts of sweet and funny movies about grown ups unprepared for parenthood it should entertain.

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