Her Married Lover (1999) (aka: A Clean Kill) Roxana Zal, Perry King, Daniel Benzali, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Rob Roy Fitzgerald, Susan Blakely Movie Review

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Roxana Zal in Her Married Lover (1999) (aka: A Clean Kill)

A Fatal Fantasy

When Katie Griffin (Roxana Zal - Fatal Love) turns up at the police station and says she has witnessed Laura Mannhart (Susan Blakely - Color Me Perfect) crash her car but believes it was murder and it was Laura's husband, Richard (Perry King - She Led Two Lives), who was behind it. She knows this as Katie claims to have been having an affair with Richard having taken an English evening class he teaches after she believes he came on to her during a corner store robbery. But when Det. Joe Lansing (Daniel Benzali) has Richard brought in for questioning his version of things are very different to Katie's making it out that she was a fantasist maybe brought on by her job editing film.

On first look it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that "Her Married Lover", which also goes by the name of "A Clean Kill", is going to be one of those movies where we have a devious man who sets up a woman as his lover, making sure no one sees them together so that when he tries to kill his wife he can make out his lover is just an obsessed student who turned killer. I say you can jump to that conclusion because there have been a few movies which have worked this story idea with this one doing a very good job of highlighting how much Richard wanted to keep the affair secret.

Perry King in Her Married Lover (1999) (aka: A Clean Kill)

But "Her Married Lover" is more than just that as for one it also attempts to be an erotic thriller with Richard having this fetish for creeping up behind Katie in the dark and groping her whilst wearing leather gloves. It isn't really that erotic but more creepy than anything because of this dark fetish of Richard's.

Then there is another side to "Her Married Lover" as whilst it clearly shows Richard as potentially devious it equally shows that Katie could be a fantasist as not only do her stories seem a bit extreme but working as a film editor means she could be living out the fantasies from the films she works on. Not only that but Katie seems to have moments of flaky behaviour as if she is not fully with it. And as such it keeps you watching as it effectively sows a seed of doubt in your mind.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Married Lover" doesn't really bring anything new to the screen as it reworks the whole secret lover is a possible killer storyline. But it works it so well that it manages to make you wonder which way this one will go when it comes to the ending.