Her Last Will (2016) (aka: Fatal Trust | Beneficiary) Rya Kihlstedt, Patrick Fischler, Harriet Sansom Harris, Fiona Dourif, Michael Graziadei, Lauren Bowles, Lee Garlington Movie Review

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Rya Kihlstedt in Her Last Will (2016) (aka: Fatal Trust | Beneficiary)

Till Death Do I Con

Maggie (Rya Kihlstedt - Home Alone 3) was once a con woman but has turned her back on that career, but like so many people trying to go straight she has found it hard going. It is why when Gil (Patrick Fischler), Harold (Michael Graziadei) and their sister, Iona (Fiona Dourif - After the Fall), approach her with a lucrative proposition she accepts. They want to hire her to drive their mother, Dina (Harriet Sansom Harris - The One), insane so that they can then have her insanely restrictive will cancelled and get their hands on the family fortune.

Some movies just leave you a little on the fence and for me "Her Last Will", which also goes by the name of "Fatal Trust" and "Beneficiary", is one of those movies. In some places it feels like a black comedy with characters and a soundtrack which befits that sort of movie yet then in almost the next scene we will have something which befits a full on thriller. It makes "Her Last Will" a movie which feels like it is intentionally in two minds as on one hand it tries to be darkly amusing and then on the other smart and intriguing.

Unsurprisingly "Her Last Will" has a series of twists which let me say in some part you can see coming because if you and your siblings are willing to hire someone to drive your mother insane then you really need to watch out for some double crosses and back stabbing. I won't go in to depth on this as the twists often connect with a revelation but at the same time some have that almost black comedy feel to them which makes you switch between being amused and intrigued.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Last Will" ends up one of those hard to place movies which will entertain but also leave you a little unsure of what it exactly wanted to be.