´╗┐ Her Husband's Betrayal (2013) Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Shawn Roberts, Zoie Palmer, Jacob Horsley, OlunikÚ Adeliyi, Rachel Wilson, Jlynn Johnson, Boomer Phillips Movie Review

Her Husband's Betrayal (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in Her Husband's Betrayal (2013)

What Kind of Husband Are You

Cathy Coulter (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - Skyrunners) has grown suspicious of her husband, Riley (Shawn Roberts - Broken Trust), and so one day decides to follow him to where he goes. Entering a house belonging to another woman she thinks he is having an affair until she finds the woman murdered and receives a call saying that she either tells the cop she killed the woman or else her son gets it. After escaping from the police, having confessed to the murder to save her son, Cathy must go on the run to uncover what is going on and save not just only her son but also herself.

When "Her Husband's Betrayal" starts we watch Cathy enter the house and then we hear a scream, next thing the cops show up, she is being taken to a car in handcuffs and confesses. Seems irrational when we have just seen Cathy enter the house in a rage but what we don't learn at this point is the blackmail phone call she gets in those moments in between. Of course we get to this but first we have to jump back to two weeks earlier and Cathy moving in with her son to Riley's home.

Shawn Roberts in Her Husband's Betrayal (2013)

Now to me much of what happens in "Her Husband's Betrayal" is familiar, from an innocent woman on the run combined with the child in peril storyline but that isn't a problem because there are a lot of good movies which work familiar themes. What is a problem is the shallowness of it all starting with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who is attractive and has piercing eyes but is overly dramatic in every scene, from being upset whilst having a bath to just sitting in her car and looking upset. In fairness Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is not the only one who over acts as pretty much everyone in "Her Husband's Betrayal" gives it large and by large I mean over the top and forced. But in truth when you are given such terrible dialogue as they get it is hard not to come across as sounding fake.

But the lack of decent acting, decent dialogue as well as characters is not the only issues which befall "Her Husband's Betrayal". We also have a lack of consistent atmosphere and scenes which are frankly too unbelievable. Now I could go on knocking "Her Husband's Betrayal" but I guess if what you want is something pretty and not overly taxing then it works especially when it starts tossing in twists at us which whilst entertaining are outrageous.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Husband's Betrayal" is in many ways typical of modern TV movies but it also sadly means that it is quite weak with look being more important than depth, realism and intrigue.