Her Fatal Flaw (2006) starring Victoria Pratt, Chris Kramer, William B. Davis, Vincent Spano, Keegan Connor Tracy directed by George Mendeluk Movie Review

Her Fatal Flaw (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Victoria Pratt in Her Fatal Flaw (2006)

Flawed Thriller Filler

Fans of Victoria Pratt will enjoy "Her Fatal Flaw" with the actress playing a smart, attractive lawyer who defends her fiancee against a murder charge. For those not bothered about Victoria Pratt will not be bothered about "Her Fatal Flaw" either because it is a stereotypical TV movie, a thriller full of routine drama, twists and camera work. And as such it's not a bad movie, just a flawed one which makes it ordinary and on par with many other TV thrillers.

When a prominent businessman is murdered, Robert Genaro (Vincent Spano - Texas Rangers), the fiancee of hot shot lawyer Laney Hennessy (Victoria Pratt - Hush) is arrested for the crime. Conflicted by the fact the man she loves has been arrested on murder and still dealing with trust issues left over by former boyfriend Det. Mark Farrow (Chris Kramer - Circle of Friends), Laney decides to defend Robert and in doing so putting herself up against State Attorney Richard O'Brien (William B. Davis), knowing that if she loses the trial not only will she lose her fiancee but also her career.

William B. Davis in Her Fatal Flaw (2006)

I wish I could be more complimentary but "Her Fatal Flaw" is ordinary, it is no different to numerous other TV movies which feature one person trying to prove another is innocent. The fact that in this one it is the lawyer girlfriend of the man accused doesn't really change anything because it is just a case of Laney digging around, being threatened and of course just at the last finding the proof needed. In fact at this point not only does the twist make it unbelievable but a sport metaphor about over time makes it corny.

Now it could have been better because this could have been a half decent courtroom drama, it certainly sets it up to be a battle of wits in front of a judge as we have Laney going up against her former employer Richard. But in the end not only does the court action come right at the end it barely lasts a minute and ends up dull and unimportant.

That just leaves the acting and characters because as for the direction and styling it is typical of this sort of TV movie. Now fans of Victoria Pratt are sure to enjoy her playing this tough, smart and attractive lawyer but the character in truth is ordinary and quite 2 dimensional. Then so are all the characters with maybe the exception of William B. Davis as Richard O'Brien because William B. Davis is ominous and brings a touch of the Cigarette Smoking Man from his X-File days.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Fatal Flaw" is nothing more than your stereotypical made for TV thriller. Fans of Victoria Pratt will probably enjoy it but otherwise it is just ordinary.