Her Boyfriend's Secret (2018) Kelly Sullivan, Maiara Walsh, Mark Famiglietti, Jordan James Smith, Kalilah Harris Movie Review

Her Boyfriend's Secret (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jordan James Smith and Kelly Sullivan in Her Boyfriend's Secret (2018)

Basic Title for a Basic Movie

Thanks to her friend, Travis (Jordan James Smith - The Nanny Betrayal), Melissa (Kelly Sullivan - The Stranger Inside) has a meeting over a home make over. But Melissa gets more than she expects as on meeting the new home owner, John (Mark Famiglietti - Shattered Memories), he not only hires her but sweeps her off her feet as well. And everything seems to be going well till one day Melissa is approached by Carrie (Maiara Walsh) who claims that she is John's ex, when he called himself Phillip, and that he attacked her. Unsure whether to believe her or not Melissa begins to wonder what is going on.

I read a very short review of "Her Boyfriend's Secret" which basically started by mentioning how the attractive cast makes this watchable. It is a sad truth but this is the case of so many made for TV movies these days as they tend to rely more and more on the looks of the actors than the storyline. And in Kelly Sullivan and Mark Famiglietti there is plenty of easy on the eye appeal going on. That isn't to say they and the rest of the cast play their parts badly, in fact Famiglietti is very good at giving John mannerisms which make you wonder what he is thinking. At the same time Jordan James Smith as Travis also makes us wonder as it seems he is incredibly fond of Melissa.

Mark Famiglietti in Her Boyfriend's Secret (2018)

But of course a movie can't work on looks alone and so we have the storyline, one which to be honest whilst having a few twists and turns seems pretty standard. What do I mean by that, well you have to wonder why Carrie would put herself in danger when she was almost killed by this John character. We also have John conveniently having eyes in the back of his head to always be there when Melissa and Travis try to snoop in to who he is. To put this simply; there are some surprises in "Her Boyfriend's Secret" but they are swamped by a lot of typical stuff which whilst making this easy to watch also cause you to switch off every now and then.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Boyfriend's Secret" is just another made for TV movie which reuses a familiar storyline with some equally familiar twists and some pretty typical characters who are of course on the attractive side.