Heaven Sent (1994) David Bowe, Wilford Brimley, Mary Beth McDonough, Geoffrey Lower, William Christopher, Vincent Kartheiser Movie Review

Heaven Sent (1994)   3/53/53/53/53/5

David Bowe in Heaven Sent (1994)

Heaven's Got a Howard

Eddie Chandler (Vincent Kartheiser) is a smart kid; unfortunately he has a smart mouth and has tried to impress others with some teenage tear-away stuff. It is how he ends up knocked over when fleeing from a corner store where he was shop-lifting. But the accident sees a minor spectral error when for a short time and angel called Howard (David Bowe) takes him to heaven only to learn that Eddie is to return to his body and Howard is to return with his for three days as a guardian angel. With Howard hanging around with him Eddie gets to see the different between living the right way and the wrong way.

Christian cinema from the 90s, I have to say that a lot of these movies from the 90s and earlier have failed to impress due to the tone these movies generally have but "Heaven Sent" is a bit of a surprise. This piece of 90s Christian cinema has a more laid back tone and genuinely tries hard to deliver entertainment for a young teen audience and it achieves it with plenty of fun which even if watching Christian cinema is not your sort of thing has the potential to keep you entertained.

Mary Beth McDonough in Heaven Sent (1994)

Now "Heaven Sent" is simple as for the most we have Howard, a guardian angel, trying to show tearaway Eddie that there is a better way to lead life, helping others and how good comes around to those who do things for the right reason. Alongside this there is a story featuring Eddie's mum and her romance with a businessman and some corruption. It isn't that "Heaven Sent" is anything special and it has some of the cheesy issues you will find in other 90s Christian cinema but the fun tone it has is what makes the movie.

Actually what makes the movie is David Bowe as he has a brilliant way of doing amusingly nerdy and it is the comedy of him being a guardian angel with a touch of the mischievous about him which entertains. But then you have the likeable nature of both Vincent Kartheiser and Mary Beth McDonough which draws you in to their characters which is a good thing as sadly this doesn't feature the best written characters you will come across.

What this all boils down to is that "Heaven Sent" is probably one of the more entertaining pieces of 90s Christian cinema I have come across but it is one which is clearly aimed at a younger teen audience.