He Loves Me (2011) Heather Locklear, Max Martini, Gabrielle Rose, Holly Elissa, Dylan Neal, Megan Charpentier Movie Review

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Heather Locklear in He Loves Me (2011)

Locklear's Seeing Dr. Nick

Laura (Heather Locklear) is very much in love with Dr. Nick (Dylan Neal) but she is convinced she has seen him with another woman which is why she has been carrying on in secret with Sam (Max Martini), a musician. She tells this to her therapist Dr. Browning (Gabrielle Rose) and whilst sympathetic to what Laura tells her begins to suspect that maybe what she is saying isn't exactly the truth. But when ever Laura confronts those who she feels has done her wrong some one ends up in danger.

Either I dropped off and missed something; quite possibly as I was bored, or some thing was left out when they edited "He Loves Me" as the movie is a logical mess which as I said is boring. It isn't that I don't understand what they were trying to do which is quite simply present a situation which isn't and then as we watch the disturbed Laura go about her life work towards it. But the movie is seriously messy and I almost wonder if whilst they were making the movie they decided to change the outcome.

Dylan Neal in He Loves Me (2011)

Now unless you watch "He Loves Me" you won't fully understand what I am on about so this is one of those movies where initially we think Laura and Dr. Nick are together but then events we see suggest maybe not. They even suggest that maybe Laura is seeing dead people as there are scenes where she sees Nick but he doesn't see her. But it isn't consistent and so when the movie ends you sort of get that there is some cleverness here but there is so much mess and filler that it is hard to really appreciate the clever parts.

Unfortunately because "He Loves Me" ends up so messy it leads to many of the supporting characters being weak and uninteresting with it often feeling like Dylan Neal was cast because he had the right appeal that you would believe Laura would fall for him. As for Heather Locklear as Laura, well she delivers a solid performance giving us sweet and sour when it comes to her emotions but the character is forgettable and that is down to the mess which the movie is.

What this all boils down to is that at times "He Loves Me" is a clever sort of movie, one which the more you think about afterwards the more the clever stuff starts to reveal itself. But the movie is messy and whilst you watch it struggles to really grab you because it is inconsistent and at times coming across like it is making it up on the fly.