Half Past Dead 2 (2007) starring Bill Goldberg, Kurupt, Jack Conley, Robert Madrid, Morocco Omari, Angell Conwell, Robert LaSardo, Alona Tal, Noelle Evans, Robert Torti, Kale Browne directed by Art Camacho Movie Review

Half Past Dead 2 (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Bill Goldberg in Half Past Dead 2 (2007)

Burke Gets Twitchy

William Burke (Bill Goldberg) is an innocent man who finds himself in a prison run by Warden Edward Wallace (Jack Conley) awaiting retrial. A devoted father he looks forward to the visits from his daughter until one day during one of her visits a riot starts. With his daughter in trouble Burke goes on the rampage, beating down both prisoners and guards in order to save her accompanied by the smart mouthed Bernard 'Twitch' Washington (Kurupt) whose girlfriend is also in danger.

With "Half Past Dead 2" not only being a direct to video movie but one which stars former wrestler Bill Goldberg it would be understandable for anyone to watch this prison movie with low expectations. Yet truth be told "Half Past Dead 2" is not that bad, no it isn't "Shawshank" but as an action movie for those just wanting to see some bad guys get beat down by some not so bad guys it is entertaining. In fact you could say that the lower budget forces it to be more real with better action scenes which are not reliant on special effects being one of the movies plus points.

But in truth "Half Past Dead 2" doesn't require a great deal of reviewing as we have a buddy movie/odd couple movie with the muscular Burke paired up with the skinny Twitch covering each other's back to save each other's loved ones. It has the typical moments of animosity as Twitch's wise cracking annoys Burke but in the end they are buddies.

But more important than anything is that "Half Past Dead 2" keeps things simple and so after some build up and a change of prisons from the first movie we get to the meat of things with Burke and Twitch on the rampage during a prison riot. And instead of getting out of context scenes of frequent mass gunplay and explosions we get beat down after beat down with Burke demolishing anything which gets in his way. If you enjoy old fashioned action it is entertaining with Bill Goldberg throwing in some of his signature moves into the mix.

What this all boils down to is that "Half Past Dead 2" is nothing new and delivers nothing which you won't expect but it pretty much works. In many ways it is an action movie for those tired of CGI and who want some old fashioned action featuring real people getting thrown around.