Guns of the Revolution (1971) Ernest Borgnine, Humberto Almaz?n, Sancho Gracia, Aldo Sambrell, Harry Harris, Nela Conjiu, Carlos Casaravilla Movie Review

Guns of the Revolution (1971)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Humberto Almaz?n in Guns of the Revolution (1971)

A Fugitive Padre

In Mexico, the General (Ernest Borgnine) has declared war on the church with priests being round up and churches burned down with the whole idea of religions being outlawed. But when one easy going catholic priest, Padre Humberto (Humberto Almaz?n), suffers greatly due to the General's war on religion it leads to a mass change among the people.

Back in 1947 John Ford made a movie with Henry Fonda called "The Fugitive" it was about a priest forced to turn fugitive because of a communist government in a South American country having outlawed Catholicism. Yes this 1971 drama, trust me this is not a western as some list it as, is very similar in theme to the John Ford drama which was an adaptation of a Graham Greene story, but that is where the similarities certainly stop as Humberto Almaz?n's portrayal of Padre Humberto is of a much more easy going character with a distinct humorous side. Whilst the humour is pleasant it does take away the darkness which it feels like it needs, probably more because I am seeing the similarities to "The Fugitive" and noticing what is different.

Beyond the story there is of course the acting and in truth Humberto Almaz?n is the star of the movie bringing a nice mix of being a laid back nice guy but one which is a little nervous, in fact his performance reminds me a little of Roberto Benigni's performance in "La vita ? bella". As for Ernest Borgnine as the lunatic General, well it is a full on performance full of self importance to the point of almost being humorous but for me it isn't classic Borgnine and like the movie itself is quite forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "Guns of the Revolution" is an okay drama with a few similarities to John Ford's "The Fugitive" but it isn't the most memorable of movies.