Gun Grit (1936) Jack Perrin, Ethel Beck, David Sharpe, Roger Williams Movie Review

Gun Grit (1936)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gun Grit (1936)

Gangster Grit

Mack (Roger Williams) and his gang of violin case carrying mobsters have had enough of running their protection racket in the city and decided to head West to put the frighteners on some farmers. When the FBI learns that Mack has shifted his protection racket West they send Bob Blake (Jack Perrin) after them to find out what they are actually up to. When Bob discovers that Mack and his boys are shooting cattle on the Hess ranch he sets about bringing them in, not easy when he is on his own.

The opening of "Gun Grit", also known as "Protection Racket", sees a group of gangsters getting out of their car and walking to their home and the reason why you know they are gangsters is because they are carrying violin cases. If the sound of that makes you groan I suggest giving "Gun Grit" a miss as this is one of those old westerns which back in the day tossed in some humour in to the mix which now comes across as extremely corny. In truth even the non humorous stuff in "Gun Grit" also ends up kind of corny which makes this another of those old westerns which is really of any interest to those with a fascination of old westerns.

There is though one other interesting thing about "Gun Grit" and that we are talking a western which isn't set in the old west and starts off in a then contemporary city with gangsters in suits. The thing is that whilst it gives the movie a bit of a USP it doesn't add up to much other than an added comedy element where we have one gangster who can only kill if someone else is playing a violin.

What this all boils down to is that "Gun Grit" is one of the corniest old westerns I have come across and now is really little more than a curiosity for those interested in old movies to watch.