Gozu (2003) Yta Sone, Sh Aikawa, Kimika Yoshino, Shhei Hino Movie Review

Gozu (2003)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gozu (2003) Yta Sone, Sh Aikawa, Kimika Yoshino, Shhei Hino


At what was a regular meeting of the yakuza in a restaurant, Ozaki (Sho Aikawa), an enforcer, snaps and walks outside and murders a puppy. It is too much and his close friend Minami (Yûta Sone) is ordered to drive him to a remote town and dispose of him. Except then they get o the remote town Ozaki manages to run and as Minami tries to track him down he finds it a surreal experience.

Are you a fan of David Lynch and his movies where he does what he likes, delivering what is often weird and in some people's books wonderful? If so then find yourself a copy of "Gozu" and enjoy the weird and maybe wonderful which comes from Takashi Miike. You may have guessed that I didn't enjoy it and found it too weird and off kilter for my likings although I have to say that if the intention was purely to grab my attention every so often by something strange then it succeeded.

Now "Gozu" certainly grabs your attention early on as we watch Ozaki pulverize a puppy or at least watch from a distance as he does things which are crazy to what I hope was a toy dog. And even before the weirdness really arrives with strange characters we have moments of humour including an incident involving sharp braking. But there isn't really a narrative going on here or at least not one which is overly apparent and so what we get is a lot of weird including lactating women and a boss with a sexual preference. I am not going to explain too much because in the end this movies appeal is in the surprising weird stuff so to reveal too much would be wrong.

What this all boils down to is that "Gozu" is weird, too weird for me and is up there with David Lynch when it comes to the level of weirdness. As such I am going to simply say that if you prefer easy to follow narratives and normal characters give this a wide berth as it will be too much to bear.