Good Burger (1997) starring Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Sinbad, Abe Vigoda, Shar Jackson, Dan Schneider, Jan Schweiterman, Ron Lester directed by Brian Robbins Movie Review

Good Burger (1997)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Keenan & Kel in Good Burger (1997)

Like Fast Food, Not Substantial

With his mum off on business Dexter (Kenan Thompson) decides to use her car but with no licence or insurance ends up crashing in to his teacher, Mr. Wheat (Sinbad). Having promised to pay for the damages Dexter ends up getting a summer job at Good Burger where slacker Ed (Kel Mitchell) is the number one server who is so indispensable that no one can serve food without him. Ed's passion for fast food is dominating his life including his dreams which leads to him being late for work one day and chaos without him. But Good Burger could be in trouble as Mondo Burger, the mega fast food chain, is opening one of its stores directly opposite Good Burger and Ed and Dexter will have to find some way of saving Good Burger.

So here's the truth, whilst I have heard of Kenan and Kel I have never watched anything they have been in and nope that doesn't make me a saddo but someone who is not in the intended age group for this movie. But as I understand it Kenan and Kel starred in some sort of skit show on Nickelodeon, a sort of SNL but aimed at a much younger audience. What that means immediately is that I am not in the target audience for "Good Burger" and admittedly I struggled to really enjoy it but I guess those who have spend there Saturday mornings and summer holidays watching this likeable duo will enjoy it more than I did.

Now "Good Burger" has various things going on such as Ed's love of fast food causing problems when it comes to his girlfriend but the real focus is Ed and Dexter trying to save Good Burger from being closed down by Mondo burger. Simple enough for its intended audience and a vehicle for plenty of stupid gags with many of them not even being built around the central premise such as one where Ed is inside the milk shake machine in his dumb, slacker way trying to fix it. Yes it is all incredibly stupid and I don't remember one clever gag in the entire movie but in a non challenging way it is kind of dumb fun. But that in truth is it, lots of stupid gags involving Kenan and Kel made for those who have grown up watching them oh and Abe Vigoda, he of "The Godfather" in a supporting role as an old fast food worker.

What this all boils down to is that "Good Burger" is made for a very specific audience and if you are not on that demographic of children who already know who Kenan and Kel are it is only ordinary. Yet in a way if all you want is something simple, something daft and something completely unchallenging then it is sort of fun.