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Girdle of Gold (1952)

Lingerie Loot

Mrs. Griffiths (Maudie Edwards) isn't surprised when her husband (Meredith Edwards - There Is Another Sun), the hearse driver, rolls in on the side of the milk cart as he is a lazy, law unto himself who always seems to be short of money. What she doesn't know is that he has been hiding his money away in the last place she would look, stitched into the lining of her girdle as he doesn't trust banks. What her husband doesn't know is that Mrs. Griffiths is running away with Evans the Milk (Esmond Knight - Black Narcissus) and before she runs away she gets a new girdle, giving the old one to Mrs. Macey (Tonie MacMillan) who in turn talks the soon to be married Mary Rees (Petra Davies) in to buying it.

I will stop there because not only don't I want to tell you everything which goes on in "Girdle of Gold" but at just 66 minutes long there isn't a great deal more I need to say. But I am sure you can guess that "Girdle of Gold" is very much a traditional British comedy where we have a collection of amusing characters, such as the useless Mr. Griffiths who likes a drink, and then we have a chain of events involving not only a girdle which contains hidden money but also Mrs. Griffiths plans to run away with Evans the Milk. It is simple stuff but it is full of humour with great comic timing from all those involved, especially Meredith Edwards as Mr. Griffiths.

What this all boils down to is that "Girdle of Gold" is just a good old fashioned British comedy with some witty dialogue and good comic timing which at just 66 minutes long doesn't out stay its welcome.