Gang in Blue (1996) starring Mario Van Peebles, Josh Brolin, Cynda Williams, J.T. Walsh, Stephen Lang, Sean McCann, Melvin Van Peebles directed by Mario Van Peebles, Melvin Van Peebles Movie Review

Gang in Blue (1996)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Melvin Van Peebles and Mario Van Peebles in Gang in Blue (1996)

A Brotherhood in Blue

Michael Rhoades (Mario Van Peebles - Gunmen) is one of only a few black police officers in his precinct and he is pretty sure that within the precinct is a sect of extremist cops dishing out violence on racial minorities when ever they feel like. As he starts digging he finds the heat mounting on him as someone tampers with his gun just before a call out making him convinced that the racist cops are targeting him but whenever he tries to push his complaints upwards he finds them blocked. But maybe someone is already aware of it and is doing something.

So "Gang in Blue" is another one of those movies which came out during the 90s which attempted to lift the lid on extremist sections of the American police force who would unjustly and brutally target racial minorities. Now I am not putting the subject matter down but as I said "Gang in Blue" is another one of these movies and compared to other movies which took a look at the subject "Gang in Blue" is routine. We see the one good cop willing to make a stand in the pit of racism as these bigoted police drop racial slurs more frequently that they use the word "the" and turn up the heat on him for causing issues. We also see how the extent of the racism escalates high up the ranks affording the police on patrol some protection from Michael's fearless campaign.

Stephen Lang in Gang in Blue (1996)

But there is something else which "Gang in Blue" has got, it has a twist surrounding the identity of one of the characters and that leads to romantic conflict. The twist whilst not that surprising makes the movie more interesting and at least gives it a slight element of the unknown as to who will end up with the girl.

Aside from that well to be honest most of the performances did little for me with the characters all seeming a little too over the top, either too scheming or way too cool. But Stephen Lang as the racist Moose does deliver a convincing performance as someone who just down and out has hate in his heart. Plus it has to be said whilst not important to the movie Melvin Van Peebles in a scene shared with son Mario looked in amazing good shape.

What this all boils down to is that "Gang in Blue" has a reasonable twist but in the end is just another one of those 90s cop movies which attempts to lift the lid on police brutality.