Frontier Days (1934) starring Bill Cody, Ada Ince, Wheeler Oakman, Bill Cody Jr., Franklyn Farnum directed by Robert F. Hill Movie Review

Frontier Days (1934)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bill Cody in Frontier Days (1934)

The Tale of Two Codys

Whilst investigating some criminal activity The Pinto Kid (Bill Cody) ends up on the Wilson ranch where Beth Wilson (Ada Ince) lives with her father and little brother Bart (Bill Cody Jr.). But it seems that The Pinto Kid has walked in to some trouble as businessman Henry Jethrow (Wheeler Oakman) has Mr. Wilson sign over his land and then shoots him, setting up The Pinto Kid for the crime in the process. With the aid of Beth, Pinto plans to clear his name and get her the ranch back.

By the age of 15 Bill Cody Jr. had already appeared in 15 movies some of which were alongside his more famous father, yes Bill Cody the western star although not the one who was a legend of the west. Anyway "Frontier Days" was the first movie Bill Cody Jr. appeared in and in a way the scenes he shares with his father are what make the movie interesting as whilst nothing new, with a wandering cowboy befriending a young boy, the spark between them brings a smile to your face.

Look past this aspect and "Frontier Days" is but another typical western made during the 1930s where the good guy cowboy gets stitched up for a crime he didn't commit, has to clear his name, defeat the baddies and win the girl all in the space of 60 minutes. It sneaks some comedy in to the mix and tosses in some regular earlier western action but other than the father and son casting and the pretty Ada Ince playing the typical romantic interest it doesn't have anything to make it stand out from the crowd.

What this all boils down to is that unsurprisingly "Frontier Days" is now a western for those looking to watch as many as possible rather than actually seeking western entertainment.