´╗┐ Framed by My Fiance (2017) Katrina Bowden, Jason-Shane Scott, Valynn Turkovich, Gerald Webb, Kari Buckley, Alan Pietruszewski, Nicole Cinaglia, Christopher Glenn Cannon, Mark Torres, Stacy Ann Rose Movie Review

Framed by My Fiance (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Katrina Bowden in Framed by My FiancÚ (2017)

Miscarriage of Justice

Brilliant lawyer, Daniel Hackett (Jason-Shane Scott - The Wrong Student) has it all as he has a bright future as a judge and has just got engaged to the beautiful Jenny (Katrina Bowden - I Killed My BFF), all he needs to do is to keep his nose clean for a few months to climb up the next rung of the career ladder. But following a celebratory meal Daniel and Jenny end up involved in a road accident with Daniel behind the wheel, although knowing how bigger problem this could be shifts the unconscious body of Jenny in to the driving seat. With the man in the other car dying and Jenny refusing to lie for Daniel he makes it clear to her that he isn't going down for this and so will lie to protect his own backside even if it means Jenny doing time. But there is another problem as May Langford (Valynn Turkovich), the pregnant wife of the dead man, wants payback for her loss and that means she has Jenny in her sights, especially when she suffers a miscarriage.

Poor Jenny as on one side she has the slick Daniel who due to his connections has convinced everyone that she was driving when he, whilst not paying attention, ran another driver off the road leading to the other driver's death. Then on the other side you have the victim's wife who, with her connections, wants to ruin Jenny's life; first by talking to a judge friend to throw the book at her, then through her connections making it difficult for her to stay anywhere. But all of that comes early on in "Framed by My Fianc├ę" and before we know it Jenny has convinced May of what happened, that she is being framed by her fianc├ę, and the two are united in trying to make Daniel pay and clear Jenny's name. Telling you all this isn't really a spoiler as it comes so early on.

Jason-Shane Scott in Framed by My FiancÚ (2017)

I won't tell you anymore but I will say that the set up on "Framed by My Fianc├ę" certainly works well with Jenny easily winning our sympathy, May being slightly psycho which makes her dangerous. But most importantly we have Daniel being a right piece of work who you reckon might stab his own mother in her back if it meant covering his own backside all the time flashing his perfect smile. As such I have to say that the acting from Katrina Bowden, Valynn Turkovich and Jason-Shane Scott make this movie with Scott certainly giving us that good looking social climber who is dangerous in the way he can turn nasty.

What this all boils down to is that "Framed by My Fianc├ę" ends up much better than expected, not so much for the storyline as it unsurprisingly gets a little bit far fetched but when it comes to the dangerous nature of the situation and the scheming nature of the characters it keeps your attention.