Forget Me Not (2009) Carly Schroeder, Cody Linley, Micah Alberti, Brie Gabrielle Movie Review

Forget Me Not (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Carly Schroeder in Forget Me Not (2009)

One by One

After years in school, graduation has finally arrived and Sandy (Carly Schroeder) and her friends are letting their hair down, behaving irresponsibly after years of working hard. But then things take a strange turn when after taking their partying in to the graveyard they unwittingly release the spirit of a girl who many years earlier had been wronged. Now one by one these teens are being targeted, disappearing as if they never existed with Sandy having to find some way of bringing the terror to an end before the terror brings her to an end.

The smallest of things can turn a routine idea in to something more entertaining when it comes to horror movies and it is a small thing which makes "Forget Me Not" worth watching even if it does sound like just another teen horror movie. By that I mean the set up to "Forget Me Not" is as cliche as they come as we have a typical bunch of horny teenagers, and one good girl, who like to party only to do something which leads them to be targeted by something. Now rather than a slasher we have a ghost who is angered over being wronged many years earlier and is now going to get her revenge one by one. In some ways it reminded me of "Tormented" the British horror which came out a few months earlier but combined with the styling of "Final Destination" with a group of teens being targeted by one who died and as a ghost is after revenge.

But then there is that small detail, the one change which makes "Forget Me Not" more interesting as these teenagers don't get murdered they just get wiped off the face of the planet as if they never existed. Except Sandy remembers them and of course with no one else knowing what she is on about when she asks where someone is it leads to an element of insanity. It isn't a complicated idea by any stretch of the imagination and doesn't alter what "Forget Me Not" is but it certainly makes it more entertaining than you might have originally expected especially with more than a touch of the Asian horror about it when it comes to the ghost girl.

Unfortunately whilst "Forget Me Not" brings in this entertaining idea the movie only ends up good and nothing special. The trouble is that when it comes to characters there has been no imagination used and they are just a typical bunch of teenagers which makes them forgettable and in truth a little annoying. Of course anyone who is due to die doesn't need much character depth but even when it comes to Sandy the character is poorly written and so whilst at least a little easier to like doesn't really offer Carly Schroeder any chance of being more than attractive in a tight t-shirt.

What this all boils down to is that "Forget Me Not" is a lot better than I expected with a nice idea to make a regular teen horror movie a little more entertaining. But at the same time it is generically written and so ends up just a good but ultimately forgettable teen horror movie.