For Better or for Worse (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lisa Whelchel and Antonio Cupo in For Better or for Worse (2014)

Mad Matrimony

After struggling with the death of her husband Wendy (Lisa Whelchel) returns to work at the wedding planning business with the help of Roseanne (Kim Fields) her friend and co-worker. But there are dark shadows forming as divorce attorney Marco (Antonio Cupo) has set up his business right next doors to Wendy and the last thing she wants those thinking about marriage seeing is a divorce service next door. But despite their differences Marco and Wendy are going to have to find a way to get on when Wendy's son Collin (Eddie McRae) and Marco's daughter Sophia (Alicia Josipovic) return home from college and announce they are engaged. But maybe having to work with the confident Marco will have some strange side effects as she begins to question whether shutting herself off to love is the right thing.

Predictable, slim on story, corny, wooden acting, phoney, cheesy and painful are all things you will frequently found written about TV movies and I know I have used some of those words before but I don't believe just because it's a TV movie doesn't mean it is automatically bad. Unfortunately when you come across a movie like "For Better or for Worse" trying to defend it against that sort of criticism is almost impossible because it is every single one of them.

As such "For Better or for Worse" is right from the word go predictable; the minute Marco opens up shop next to Wendy you know there is going to be bickering and antagonism till eventually they realise that maybe they actually like each other. Predictable is the fact they try to work together to prevent their kids from getting married but of course don't see eye to eye on how to do it. And to accompany this there is plenty of in your face comedy, from nervous bridegrooms stuttering on every word to meet cute banging of heads when Wendy and Marco bend down to pick up some dropped money. I could go on but it is pretty pointless as every second of "For Better or for Worse" is weak and that includes the text book performances from Antonio Cupo and Lisa Whelchel.

What this all boils down to is that "For Better or for Worse" ticked all the boxes when it comes to being a Hallmark romantic comedy but unfortunately all the boxes not only includes the right ones but also the bad ones. Unfortunately the bad ones out weigh good ones for me leaving "For Better or for Worse" a below average TV movie.