Follow the Stars Home (2001) starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Campbell Scott, Eric Close, Alexa PenaVega directed by Dick Lowry Movie Review

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Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Follow the Stars Home (2001)

Unconditional Love

When Dianne (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) met Mark McCune (Eric Close) they quickly fell in love and she accepted his marriage proposal, something which left his brother David (Campbell Scott) a little stunned as deep down he always loved Dianne. And everything was going well with Dianne falling pregnant until they learned the baby would be handicapped leading Mark to want Dianne to terminate the pregnancy. Refusing to do so Mark leaves and Dianne goes ahead with the pregnancy, raising their daughter Julia by herself with David always nearby to help out. Over time Dianne becomes friends with Amy (Alexa PenaVega) who she takes in when the authorities are called to her home because her mother is unfit to care for her and her mother's boyfriend is abusive. But when Dianne is involved in an accident it leads to Mark's return and a big question for Dianne.

"Follow the Stars Home" stars with what is becoming a pet hate of mine, a scene towards the end of the movie before then taking us to the start. In this case we see Dianne involved in an accident which puts her in hospital and then it takes us to the start with Dianne meeting Mark. I could waffle on and say how tired this technique is but in fairness it doesn't ruin "Follow the Stars Home" it just makes it feel like it is going to be just another movie which relies on what other movies have done before rather than being original.

Campbell Scott in Follow the Stars Home (2001)

In fairness the original part of "Follow the Stars Home" is the story, although it is one of those movies which you can spot where it will end up right from the scene where David is shocked to learn that Dianne and Mark are getting married. But along the way we have a series of dramas some of which are downers such as Mark wanting Dianne to terminate the pregnancy whilst we have some uplifting ones such as how good Amy is with Julia as if they were sisters which makes Dianne's life easier. But of course the entire time in the background is David who is constantly there for Dianne, watching out for her, silently in love with her. As such I have you say that "Follow the Stars Home" is almost one of those movies you watch not because of the story but because of the tone, the uplifting nature of the drama and the set-up that in this world there are good people looking out for one another.

Now in my books they couldn't have got a more perfect actress than Kimberly Williams-Paisley to star as Dianne as she is attractive and maternal and radiates an element of goodness which means she can charm you without even saying a word. It is an air about her which so few actresses have but it is something Campbell Scott has also got, that element of a good man who deeply cares but would never do anything to up set a relationship even if he is hurting inside to watch the woman he loves with another man. It is as much to do with the perfect casting as it is the story or the direction which makes "Follow the Stars Home" work.

What this all boils down to is that "Follow the Stars Home" is quite clearly a movie for fans of Hallmark movies especially the dramas which feature good people who deserve to be together. It isn't for everyone but for those wanting heart-warming and uplifting it is a pleasant way to spend and afternoon.