First Class Fear (2013) (aka: Non-Stop) Lacey Chabert, Drew Seeley, Will Kemp, Betsy Russell, David Lipper, Bo Svenson, Amy Davidson, Veronica Cartwright Movie Review

First Class Fear (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lacey Chabert in First Class Fear (2013) (aka: Non-Stop)

Chabert's Turbulence

Amy Nightingale (Lacey Chabert - Matchmaker Santa) was due to be getting married but her fiancee left her which means she is technically available even though she is not in the mood to mingle just yet despite the endeavours of her friends. But she has work to keep her busy and work is as a publishing assistant to Dr. Halperin (Bo Svenson - I'll Be Seeing You) whose latest book is upsetting quite a few people with some believing it will put him in danger due to the secrets it reveals. It is why Amy ends up on the red-eye to take the manuscript to Zurich, although a highly sleepy Amy as back in her hotel room before she got told she had to take the red eye she had taken a sleeping tablet. On the plane are an eclectic bunch of passengers and also a drunk flight attendant but when a stranger who Amy ends up kissing mysteriously goes missing Amy tries to make sense of what is going on.

I tell you what, Amy is not the only who is trying to make sense of what is going on in "First Class Fear", also known as "Non Stop, as this seems to be one sketchy movie. Whilst we have this curious set up of a book which some people don't want published the whole point of this is that someone goes missing on a plane and Amy is in the middle of it. As such we are meant to wonder whether with so many curious people on the plane if this is real or a dream caused by the sleeping tablet she took earlier or maybe something more sinister involving the book is going on.

Trouble is that the storyline does such a bad job of coming together that it is nigh on impossible to get into "First Class Fear" with the first half hour feeling extremely stretched out before becoming weird and contrived. The upshot of this is that once again this movie ends up only really watchable because Lacey Chabert is not only likeable but she delivers the most consistent character although consistent does not mean that character is any good. Then again the character of Amy is much better written than any of the other characters who feel like they belong in a light version of a David Lynch movie.

What this all boils down to is that "First Class Fear" is not a very good movie and extremely hard work, in fact it is nigh on impossible to get into. If it wasn't for the likeable nature of Lacey Chabert it would be a complete waste of time.