Finding Father Christmas (2016) Movie Review

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Niall Matter and Erin Krakow in Finding Father Christmas (2016)

Christmas Calls the Heart

Miranda (Erin Krakow - A Cookie Cutter Christmas) never knew her father and her mother died when she was just young, during a production of "A Christmas Carol", which explains why 20 years later she tries to avoid Christmas. But out of the blue she is contacted by the custodian of the theatre where her mum died as he found some of her belongings which includes a photo which may be a clue to who her father is. On a whim Miranda heads to a small town in Vermont where the photo was taken and sets about quietly looking for answers. Whilst doing so she meets the handsome and kind Ian (Niall Matter - Falling for Christmas) who sets about helping her try to solve the mystery of the photo. But what she discovers could have a knock on effect to some people she meets and has to decide what to do with what she discovers.

Let me tell you what some might say is a problem with "Finding Father Christmas", it features a mystery where someone goes looking for information on who there father was which has been done before in other made for TV movies. But I am not one of those people because I believe the familiarity of Hallmark movies is more often than not a plus point because they deliver exactly what the audience wants which "Finding Father Christmas" does. As such anyone who knows their Hallmark movies will know where this is going on pretty much all fronts from the gentle romance which builds between Miranda and Ian to what she discovers about her father and what that might mean for those she befriends. Most importantly the combination of mystery and romance is nicely written and it draws you in even when you can guess how "Finding Father Christmas" will end.

What is kind of interesting about "Finding Father Christmas" is that whilst set at Christmas and the mystery stems from a photo of someone dressed as Santa it isn't a movie which is really about Christmas. But from the wintry settings to small town community traditions it beautifully delivers this small town Christmas look, the look many yearn to experience and have for themselves. Yet due to this being more about the mystery than the romance the beautifully decorated buildings feel almost natural because they don't have that staged look which you often find in romantic comedies.

What of course helps "Finding Father Christmas" is the knack that those who make Hallmark movies have for choosing the right cast. As such you have Erin Krakow who whilst looking drop dead gorgeous when wearing winter clothes also has a gentleness which she gives Miranda making her a sympathetic character. It is the same with Niall Matter as he also has the look but he also has that gentleness which makes him likeable and warm. But what these two manage to deliver is the romance of the storyline in some may say a typical Hallmark style but for me they add something more to it, tossing away some of the pregnant pauses which can ruin a movie and turn the dialogue into utter nonsense.

What this all boils down to is that "Finding Father Christmas" is a touching Hallmark movie which gives you romance, mystery and a nice slice of Christmas. Yes there is certainly something familiar about it but that makes it uncomplicated entertainment.

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