Fiance Killer (2018) (aka: A Honeymoon to Die For) Movie Review

Fiance Killer (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kari Wuhrer in Fiance Killer (2018) (aka: A Honeymoon to Die For)

Keeping Crazy in the Family

When her daughter Cameron (Felisha Cooper) tells her mother, Nicole (Kari Wuhrer), that she has a surprise the last thing Nicole expects is for her daughter to introduce her to Brent (Adam Huss) a guy she not only met on holiday but they got engaged as well. Knowing that Cameron is due to come in to a fortune on her 25th birthday, Nicole fears that maybe it will make her a target for a conman looking to seduce her for her money. And although she doesn't know it she is right to fear as Brent has a secret girlfriend in Lexi (Jean Louise O'Sullivan) who has cooked up a scheme to murder Cameron once the honeymoon is over.

During the first 20 minutes of "Fiance Killer", also known as "A Honeymoon to Die For", we learn that Cameron is in line to inherit a fortune, she is naive when it comes to love, and her boyfriend is in fact involved with an unhinged woman called Lexi who together have murder in mind to get their hands on the money. All of that is spoon fed to us by some incredibly forced dialogue, the sort where the evil genius tells their partner the plans even though they already know what they are.

Jean Louise O'Sullivan in Fiance Killer (2018) (aka: A Honeymoon to Die For)

Now the unsubtle nature of "Fiance Killer" is a problem, we also learn that Cameron is allergic to nuts as Nicole tells her personal assistant to make sure there are no nuts on the menu, something which of course she would already be aware of. But to give the movie some credit everything is set up so quickly and in such an obvious manner you find yourself wondering where it will end up going especially as Brent finds him having to deal more and more with Lexi's unhinged nature. On the subject of which it has to be said that with all the forced dialogue Jean Louise O'Sullivan certainly gives us some big dramatic unhinged moments which add to the entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Fiance Killer" ends up one of those made for TV movies where the lack of subtlety makes it a movie which causes you to groan yet at the same time you find yourself wondering where it will end up going.