Ferocious Planet (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Joe Flanigan in Ferocious Planet (2011)

Parallel Planet & Predators

A group of scientists, politicians and soldiers convene for the demonstration of a new science experiment to view other dimensions. But things go wrong and the entire floor with those inside it gets ripped out and thrown into a parallel dimension where giant monsters roam the planet. Somehow they must repair the damaged machine, survive the planet and return to their own dimension.

There are days when I say myself why do I do it? Why do I watch a movie which I am positive is going to be bad? But I still do it, I still find movies like "Ferocious Planet" to watch fully expecting them to disappoint but maybe disappoint in such away that it will become entertaining for being bad. Unfortunately "Ferocious Planet" doesn't entertain on any level, it is not a good action sci-fi movie and it is not so bad that it is good; it is jut another below par made for TV action/ sci-fi movie which has stumbled its way on to DVD.

"Ferocious Planet" doesn't need much explanation, scientists, soldiers and politicians end up in a parallel dimension and have to survive. For the soldier's it is about caution as they come across the large monsters who inhabit the planet whilst for one of the scientists it is the thrill of exploring where new plants and animals need to be documented. Plus of course you have those scientists trying to fix the experiment so that they can get back to their own dimension. As all this is going on we have clashes of personalities, those who are mean or arrogant becoming monster fodder and of course action.

The thing is that it ticks the boxes when it comes to what it needs to do but that is all it does. What it fails to do is give us interesting characters, exciting action or anything close to being atmosphere. Not only that it takes itself seriously which means that when it could have evolved in to a spoof of the genre it doesn't because it believes it is good when in fact it can only ever be average at best.

What this all boils down to is that "Ferocious Planet" is pretty much what you expect from a made for TV sci-fi, action movie. But it is all too familiar and does nothing which makes it stand out from the crowd whilst also disappointing for taking itself more seriously than it needed to.