Federal Fugitives (1941) starring Neil Hamilton, Doris Day, Victor Varconi, Charles C. Wilson directed by William Beaudine Movie Review

Federal Fugitives (1941)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Doris Day and Neil Hamilton in Federal Fugitives (1941)

Hamilton has His Day

In Washington D.C. government agent James Madison (Neil Hamilton) spots a man who he believes to be Otto Lieberman (Victor Varconi) a wanted man involved in a plane crash and who some think died in the crash. Madison proves the man who now goes by the name Dr. Frederic Haskell is Liebermann thanks to the help of his personal driver and also discovers that Otto is interested in buying in to a plane manufacturing company as the owner has a revolutionary way of producing components. With Madison masquerading as a partner in the business things get dangerous when Otto discovers that Madison is an agent and sets about killing him with a poisoned tablet.

"Federal Fugitives" is now one of those movies which has extremely limited appeal and in truth the appeal is to those who are either fans of the actors or are movie buffs looking to either explore old movies or are trying to watch as many movies in a lifetime as possible. I suppose some may watch it having been fooled in to thinking the Doris Day in this cast is the famous star of such movies as "Calamity Jane" not realising there was already a Doris Day making movies prior to the arrival of the more famous one.

Aside from that well what we have in "Federal Fugitives" is a run of the mill but slightly convoluted cop thriller which is all about the drama and danger rather than the sleuthing. It is okay but nothing in the least special which is why I said the appeal is now to a select group who will watch anything, and yes I am in that select group.

What this all boils down to is that "Federal Fugitives" is an okay movie, a reasonable little distraction for old movie fans but it has little to offer anyone else especially those seeking entertainment.