Fatal Flip (2015) Dominique Swain, Mike Faiola, Michael Steger, Tatyana Ali Movie Review

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Dominique Swain in Fatal Flip (2015)

Handyman's House of Horror

It was a simple plan for Alex (Dominique Swain - A Christmas Promise) and her boyfriend, Jeff (Michael Steger - Destruction: Las Vegas), buy a fixer upper and renovate it themselves using their credit cards to pay for equipment and then flip it before 45 days are up and they start paying interest on their cards. But it soon becomes apparent to Jeff that they have taken on more than they can chew which is why when he heads down to the hardware store and meets Nate (Mike Faiola - Psycho In-Law), a handyman, he asks for his help. And Nate certainly knows his way around fixing up a property and with his shirt frequently undone he certainly grabs the attention of Alex as well as her friend Roslyn (Tatyana Ali - Dear Secret Santa). But what no one realises is that Nate is a bit of a psycho with a history when it comes to houses of horror.

Technically I probably gave too much away in that synopsis for "Fatal Flip" but then this is one of those made for TV movies which starts with a suggestive scene, a scene which ends with us having watched Nate seal up and conceal a hole in a wall which he cut and there is a blood soaked towel on the floor next to his equipment. As such "Fatal Flip" is the sort of movie where following the set up you know what is going to happen and so in this case you know that by the end of the movie Alex is going to be fighting for her life as Nate goes psycho in their home.

Mike Faiola in Fatal Flip (2015)

What that actually means if that "Fatal Flip" is all about what goes on in the middle and to be honest that isn't a great deal. What we get is Nate working on their home with his shirt undone and often staring at Alex who finds his behaviour a bit creepy but also finds him some nice eye candy. On top of this we get to witness not only his psycho nature as he does away with a couple of people who could spoil things for him but we also see his devious nature when it comes to dealing with Jeff. I could go on but to be honest it is all pretty basic stuff, kind of enjoyable but nothing which will surprise you with anything out of the ordinary.

Now I mentioned that at times Nate was eye candy and "Fatal Flip" is one of those made for TV movies where the appeal of the actors plays a major part in how much you enjoy it. As such yes Mike Faiola looks like the sort of guy you might see in a soft drink advert who lets the spray from an opened bottle of soda shower him after doing some sweaty home improvements. And at the same time Dominique Swain brings that sexiness to the role of Alex which makes you wonder whether she will succumb to handyman Nate's masculinity.

What this all boils down to is that "Fatal Flip" is not a great made for TV movie and is in truth pretty predictable right down to the final scene. But at the same time there is some thing a little entertaining about it, well in a basic, attractive star sort of way.