Fallout (1999) Daniel Baldwin, Frank Zagarino, Teri Ann Linn, Scott Valentine Movie Review

Fallout (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Daniel Baldwin in Fallout (1999)

Ground Control to Major Bomb

Whilst the nation of Tadjikistan is dealing with Russian military action one of its natives, Captain Previ Federov (Frank Zagarino), is about to achieve a boyhood dream by going up to the space station on a NASA mission. Along with his team is Amanda (Teri Ann Linn) a top engineer for NASA who is going up to fix an issue with a remote link. But it seems Federov and his team have an ulterior motive for going up to the space station as they take control of the systems and threaten to start destroying towns if America doesn't intervene in the trouble in their homeland. Not one to be blackmailed NASA send up experienced pilot J.J. 'Jim' Hendricks (Daniel Baldwin - Vampires) on the prototype of a new spacecraft with a group of Rangers to try and save the day. But when the Rangers are killed it is up to Hendricks to do the job they were sent up to do.

Three years prior to "Fallout" Kurt Russell made a movie called "Executive Decision" where he piloted a prototype plane carrying a crack military team up to a commercial plane taken over by terrorists and of course he ended up saving the day. Hopefully you can see why "Fallout" reminded me of "Executive Decision" except where as "Executive Decision" had some famous names and faces in the cast as well as a reasonable budget "Fallout" has Daniel Baldwin, Teri Ann Linn and a b-movie budget.

Teri Ann Linn in Fallout (1999)

As such "Fallout" is not a very good movie, it is highly predictable, far fetched in places to the point of being laughable and with that b-movie budget lacks a certain finesse when it comes to pretty much everything from the action to the dialogue. But truth be told I didn't expect it to be anything more than b-movie weak. And whilst that doesn't make it any easier to watch when you come across the inevitable fight scene between Hendricks and Federov which is blurred and hacked to bits with cuts to try and disguise its staged nature you don't expect anything more.

What this all boils down to is that "Fallout" is a wholly typical b-movie from the late 1990's. That doesn't mean the badness of it is acceptable but it does make it exactly what you expect.