Falling for Vermont (2017) Julie Gonzalo, Benjamin Ayres, Peter Benson, Barbara Kottmeier, Cate Sproule, Lauren McNamara, Ava Grace Cooper, Larissa Albuquerque, Christian Michael Cooper, Mark Brandon Movie Review

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Benjamin Ayres and Julie Gonzalo in Falling for Vermont (2017)

Hallmark Memories

When Angela Young (Julie Gonzalo - Pumpkin Pie Wars) wrote her first book she never imagined becoming a best selling author and certainly wasn't prepared for all the media work she would have to do thanks to her boyfriend and publicity manager, Brad (Peter Benson - Christmas List). Struggling with the pressure and the spotlight, Angela sneaks away in her sister's car only to end up crashing it on a rainy night and suffering amnesia in the process. It is how she comes to meet Dr. Jeff Callan (Benjamin Ayres - Love by Chance), a widowed father of two, who after dealing with her when the police bring her to the hospital ends up offering her his guest room to stay in until her memory returns.

What comes to mind when you think of fall, or autumn if you are from the UK? How about the rust coloured hues of falling leaves and people starting to layer up as a chill enters the air? Well both of those feature in "Falling for Vermont" which isn't really a surprise as this is a Hallmark movie and anyone who loves Hallmark movies will know how good they are at delivering the picture perfect look of the season, it is part of the Hallmark movie appeal. And truth be told it is a big part of the appeal of "Falling for Vermont" as the look is a big contributor to that cosy fall/autumn feeling which this movie delivers.

But of course we have the storyline and with "Falling for Vermont" Hallmark typically keep things simple, innocent and pleasant as we have the woman, who is struggling with her city life, ending up in a picturesque small town in Vermont and finding herself falling for a nice guy widow and his two children. Of course you know how this is going to play out when it comes to the romantic side of the movie with Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres not only playing their parts in a pleasant manner but are nicely matched. But in many ways it is the little things which make "Falling for Vermont", almost unimportant things but still charming such as Jeff changing the wi-fi password at home everyday and the kids having to do their chores before they can have it. As I said it is unimportant but all these little details fill "Falling for Vermont" with the sweet charm that fans of Hallmark movies watch for and that includes Jeff's fantastic lakeside home.

What this all boils down to is that "Falling for Vermont" delivers everything which fans of Hallmark movies love such as the simplicity of the story, the inoffensive nature of the characters, the cuteness of the romance but most importantly that Hallmark view of Fall/Autumn which is picture perfect. And to be honest "Falling for Vermont" had me as it delivered the cosy feel I love from Hallmark's fall movies.