Fallen Angel (2003) Gary Sinise, Joely Richardson, Gordon Pinsent, Jordy Benattar Movie Review

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Gary Sinise in Fallen Angel (2003)

A Christmas Angel

As a child Terry McQuinn (Gary Sinise) tried to connect with his father but it was never easy as his father preferred to work as a caretaker for the homes of those who come to Rose Point, Maine for the holidays than get close to his son. It is why when Terry was old enough he packed his bags and headed off to the city to make something of himself which he does by becoming a successful lawyer. Twenty years later when Terry receives news that his father is gravely ill he returns home only for it to be too late to see him. Whilst trying to tie up his father's estate as quickly as possible he finds himself meeting Katherine Wentworth (Joely Richardson) who he met when he was 9 and she was 4. It is the start of something amazing as events in their past return in a miraculous way.

First and fore mostly "Fallen Angel" is a Hallmark movie and one which features a man returning home to where he grew up. That in itself is such a frequently used cliche that fans of Hallmark movies will know that certain things are going to happen. The son will come to understand more about his father who he hadn't been back to see in over 20 years. He will meet the girl he met when he was just a boy and of course fall in love. Plus of course being a busy lawyer who puts work above everything will learn to appreciate the better things in life. To tell you that isn't really a spoiler as these aspects are the basis of many a Hallmark movie and strangely it wouldn't feel right without them.

Joely Richardson in Fallen Angel (2003)

But then there is another side to "Fallen Angel" the side which explains the title and I won't go in to detail as to how this plays out. What I will say is that as a child Terry was in the car driven by Katherine's father which was involved in a tragic accident and lead to him disappearing and declared dead. Now you can let your mind run wild as to what happened and will happen as whilst you might think it will go one way you will start to think otherwise when you start to watch.

Now "Fallen Angel" is one of those Hallmark movies which have shall we say a better calibre of actor with Gary Sinise, Joely Richardson and Gordon Pinsent delivering sensitive performances. But it is because these actors play their characters rather than playing their dialogue helps to make the movie work and draws you in despite the nagging familiarity of certain parts of it.

What this all boils down to is that "Fallen Angel" is one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which whilst built on some familiar building blocks oozes charm as well as featuring a pleasant mystery which keeps you watching.

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