Faith Like Potatoes (2006) Frank Rautenbach, Jeanne Neilson, Hamilton Dlamini, Candice D'Arcy Movie Review

Faith Like Potatoes (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Frank Rautenbach in Faith Like Potatoes (2006)

A Farmer's Testimony

With the political and racial situation becoming too dangerous, farmer Angus Buchan (Frank Rautenbach) along with his wife and children leave Zambia and head south to KwaZulu Natal, South Africa to start again. A proud man with a short fuse Angus is hell bent on making it work and not keen on taking help from others but knows he has to. Along the ways there are trials and tribulations both when it comes to setting up the farm but also personally. But along the way Angus turns to God and starts to feel him working in his life.

My list of faith based/ Christian movies I have watched and reviewed is slowly growing but most of those have been works of fiction used to teach an important biblical lesson, But "Faith Like Potatoes" is different because this is a biography, the story of a man who quite simply had an epiphany which changed him but along the way did not have things easy. And do you know what it makes a huge difference as whilst "Faith Like Potatoes" is clearly a movie with Christianity at its heart it doesn't stop to force a moment of preaching upon you, it just shows a life changed.

Now I am not going to go in to the details of Buchan's story because it is best to experience the ups and downs for yourself and in doing so you will be able to appreciate the realism of it and quite frankly the miracles as well. But there is something else about "Faith Like Potatoes" which makes it special and that is some wonderful cinematography with some nice sweeps and pull backs to capture the beauty of South Africa. Yes it still has a certain budget feel to it, the edits are not amazing and for me the soundtrack is at times too large but it certainly has a style which grabs you.

What this all boils down to is that "Faith Like Potatoes" is the sort of Christian cinema I enjoy because it is faith in action in real life and not a movie which sets out to force a script. As such "Faith Like Potatoes" whilst a movie for a Christian audience also has the power to work for those with no religious beliefs.