F6: Twister (2012) (aka: Christmas Twister) Casper Van Dien, Richard Burgi, Victoria Pratt, Haley Lu Richardson, Dmitri Schuyler-Linch, Steven Williams Movie Review

F6: Twister (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Casper Van Dien in F6: Twister (2012) (aka: Christmas Twister)

Y'oud Better Watch Out

It's the night before the night before Christmas and all is not quiet as small town meteorologist, Ethan Walker (Casper Van Dien - Fugitive at 17) is woken by a call from his team at the university who are studying tornadoes as one struck not far away. His wife, Addison (Victoria Pratt - Soda Springs), also gets the call as she is a news reporter for a local TV station working with meteorologist, Logan (Richard Burgi - Super Eruption), who wants her to relocate with him to another station. Whilst Ethan and his team are convinced there are going to be more tornadoes Addison is unable to broadcast a warning as Logan believes it is a one off and no one wants to be panicked by what may or may not happen as Christmas approaches. But when a tornado takes out Ethan and Addison's home they must not only find their missing children but also find a way to save others.

Disaster movies about tornadoes have been around for longer than you think but it does feel like when in 1996 "Twister" ht the big screen there was a sudden influx of tornado based disaster movies with it feeling like every year someone makes another one. The trouble is that whilst the people behind these tornado movies try to come up with some sort of new idea or variation on the formula the end result is always pretty routine; we have a hero, a love interest, some lost children and of course a small matter of trying to save the day whilst someone else doesn't want to heed the warnings. And that is what you have in "F6: Twister", which is also known as "Christmas Twister".

Victoria Pratt in F6: Twister (2012) (aka: Christmas Twister)

And that is pretty much where "F6: Twister" wants to try and be different as we have this disaster unfolding in the days leading up to Christmas. But it is just a gimmick and you almost get a sense that maybe the Christmas timing was an idea which they came up with half way through filming as half of the scenes don't have any Christmas elements what so ever. What also ends up a gimmick is the situation with Addison and Logan as instead of being the older charmer Logan ends up sleazy in the way he tries to charm her. Anyway as for how "F6: Twister" plays out all I need to say is; like every other tornado based made for TV disaster movie.

What this all boils down to is that "F6: Twister" is simply another made for TV disaster movies which tries to jazz up the usual tornado formula by setting it at Christmas. As such it is one of those below par disaster movies which occasionally entertain more for being cheesy and bad than for ever coming close to being good.