Eyeborgs (2009) starring Adrian Paul, Dale Girard, Mikey Wiseman, John S. Rushton, Kat Munday directed by Movie Review

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Adrian Paul in Eyeborgs (2009)


In the not so distant future America passes the 'Freedom of Observation Act', that means that the government can use surveillance equipment to hunt down terrorists and watch everyone. But they can also use Eyeborgs, a new form of robotic surveillance equipment which comes in all shapes and forms and can go anywhere. But then something strange happens as police officer R.J. 'Gunner' Reynolds (Adrian Paul) and teen rocker Jarett (Lucas Elliot Eberl) link the increasing number of human disappearances to the Eyeborgs. With Jarett being the nephew of the President they must work together to bring and end to the Eyeborgs and who ever is controlling them before they can't be stopped.

Between the image on the cover and its title I was expecting something really bad from "Eyeborgs" it has that unrepentantly low budget look. In fact for those who remember the original "Robocop" movie which features some dodgy stop motion work on model robots I was half expecting this to feature something similar. Yet "Eyeborgs" is by no means the stinker that I imagine most people expect it to be, yes it has issues but when it ends up better than expected those issues seem less of a problem.

Eyeborgs (2009)

Now the "Eyeborgs" storyline is both a plus and a negative when it comes down to things. The plus is that whilst we enter a world where we have what often look like mobile webcams it doesn't try to have a futuristic look which immediately makes it easier to connect with but also heightens that sense of what if we are not that far away from a world where we can be spied on so easily by mobile surveillance equipment. Unfortunately the negative is it tries to do too much and whilst it means it never feels drawn out it can't do it all to a satisfactory level. Basically "Eyeborgs" needed to be snapped up by someone willing to invest both money and time in to it to make it as good as it could have been.

But even though it has issues with the storyline the special effects are not that bad and in places even a little impressive. The little bi-ped cameras which we see running around and climbing walls kind of remind me of Mike from "Monsters, Inc." and these are quite impressive. Some of the bigger, more ambitious CGI robots lack the detail and let it down but as the majority of the robot cameras are the little ones you sort of admire there cuteness and creativity.

If I had one real issue with "Eyeborgs" is that the acting is non-descript and is the level you expect from what looks like a low budget movie. That means some of it isn't very good but for the most it is passable with not a single actor making a stand out impression.

What this all boils down to is that "Eyeborgs" is better than I was expecting and not the tacky little sci-fi movie it looks like it is going to be. It isn't by any means perfect and those who watch expecting a big production might end up disappointed but for those who have watched their fair share of late night sci-fi movies should enjoy this.