Eye of the Stalker (1995) Joanna Cassidy, Jere Burns, Dennis Burkley, Lucinda Jenney Movie Review

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Jere Burns in Eye of the Stalker (1995)

Stalking the Law

Freelance law professor Stephen Primes (Jere Burns) spots Beth (Brooke Langton) as she runs around campus and quickly becomes obsessed with her, showing up at where she goes to eat as well as where she works part time in a camera shop. Beth soon becomes bothered by his attention especially when he sets about splitting her up from her boyfriend Kyle (Michael Woolson). With things clearly becoming out of hand Beth ends up seeking help from her mother Judge Martha Knowlton (Joanna Cassidy) who seeing how intrusive Primes is becoming arranges a restraining order to be served on him but being a law professor he knows exactly how far to push things without breaking the law. It leads to Martha taking matters in to her own hands to not only protect her daughter but stop Primes. But in doing so another woman with the same name becomes in danger due to Primes.

From recollection "Eye of the Stalker" starts with a scene of Beth showering in her swimsuit having I presume just climbed out of the pool, it is a scene where the camera slowly moves up her body from her legs. This is followed by another scene of Beth running and looking very attractive at the same time. Whilst I am sure the intention was to establish that the character of Beth was athletic and attractive it feels more a case of the camera leering over Brooke Langton because she is attractive, it is a case of it going on too long. In fact it is Langton who ends up the most memorable aspect of this typical mid 90s obsessed stalker movie which a lot of the time seems to go through the motions.

Brooke Langton in Eye of the Stalker (1995)

Now of course what "Eye of the Stalker" wants to be about is how difficult it is to stop a stalker when he is clued up the law and so can walk the fine line of breaking it. But for most we just get a lot of typical stalker scenes; Primes watching Beth from his car, watching her as she sleeps, breaking in when he knows she is out and leaving creepy phone messages. It is a big reason why "Eye of the Stalker" ends up memorable because of Brooke Langton being attractive rather than the story. And sadly that story starts becoming far fetched when Beth's controlling mum starts getting involved and sends her daughter away to protect her whilst having a private investigator try to put the frighteners on Primes.

What this all boils down to is that "Eye of the Stalker" is a typical mid 90s obsessed stalker TV movie which tries to be smart with a storyline about a law professor who knows how to play things so he doesn't get caught. But being typical it is only memorable for the actor's looks rather than their characters or because of the storyline.