Exit Humanity (2011) Brian Cox, Mark Gibson, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephen McHattie Movie Review

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Mark Gibson in Exit Humanity (2011)

A Zombie Civil War

6 year after he fought in the war in Tennessee, Edward Young (Mark Gibson) has watched as a virus has wiped out much of mankind bringing the dead back to life as zombies. As Edward wanders the land forced to shoot these zombies through their heads he faces many tough times leading to him wondering whether or not it is all worth it. But on his quest he meets other survivors from those like him who find it difficult to trust others to some more willing to help others. But he also encounters those who seek to use humans to experiment on in search for a cure for what they see as a man made disease.

"Exit Humanity" is a zombie movie with a difference and no I don't mean that it is set during the 19th century in America. Nope this zombie movie isn't really about the attacking zombies in the traditional sense of the zombie movie but about a man's thoughts which he wrote in a journal as to how he felt during this time from the sense of hopelessness and wanting to end his own life to losing count of the number of zombies he has shot and buried. What this means is that for some this will be a fascinating idea, a more intellectual take on the zombie genre whilst for others it will be a huge disappointment and not the zombie action fest they thought they were in for.

In truth I am a bit torn as to what I think of "Exit Humanity" as I like the concept and director John Geddes who also wrote the story certainly has a great visual concept with a mix of style from using artwork style storyboards to the greyness of dealing with zombies. But in some ways Geddes is too close to his story and as such there is a drawn out nature to some of "Exit Humanity" which occasionally pushes it close on being self indulgent as artistic shots are stretched out beyond their usefulness.

This sense of being torn also extends to the casting as whilst Brian Cox is perfect to act as narrator there is Mark Gibson as Edward. Now during the soul searching scenes Gibson delivers the aspect of a man torn by his inner feelings and sense of hurt gnawing away at him. But when "Exit Humanity" tries to be commercial he doesn't quite make the transition and feels like he is struggling with the two sides which his character needs.

What this all boils down to is that "Exit Humanity" is not likely to entertain those who see that it is a zombie movie and watch for some traditional zombie action. But those who like character based movies might find it more intriguing as we experience the emotional journey of Edward Young.

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