Ex-Wife Killer (2017) (aka: Eyewitness) Marguerite Moreau, Jordan Belfi, Jessica Blackmore, Arianne Zucker, Ian Patrick Williams, David Bickford, Davonyea Gantt, Jim Jepson, David Scott Lago Movie Review

Ex-Wife Killer (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Marguerite Moreau in Ex-Wife Killer (2017) (aka: Eyewitness)

Saying it with Flowers

Josie (Marguerite Moreau - Love Always, Santa) runs a flower shop which is doing nicely but could do better. It is exactly what her former husband and still silent business partner, Michael (Jordan Belfi - Snow Bride), thinks as he suddenly shows up out of the blue and asks her out to dinner. It seems that Michael and his current wife, Laura (Arianne Zucker - Killer Assistant), have become estranged, although when Laura discovers that Michael is back in touch with Josie sets out to make her life a living hell. When Laura breaks in to Josie's home Michael kills her in self-defence with Josie being able to provide the testimony to get him off the hook. That is when she becomes suspicious of Michael's real motives and whether he has duped her in to playing a part in intentionally murdering Laura.

Getting straight to the point "Ex-Wife Killer" has a lot of good ideas, some decent twists and a good cast yet the final product, well to put it simply there are many a time when this struggles to keep hold of your attention. The reason being is that although like so many TV movies this one starts with a murder committed by a mysterious person it takes an age before anything major then happens. We see Michael work his way back in Josie's life, we learn that Josie's friend fancies a member of her staff but that member of staff actually is sweet on Josie, we learn that Laura's business partner was killed and other than some poisoning and stalking nothing much happens to lead you through the story. It makes "Ex-Wife Killer" a movie which seems to take forever to put the pieces in place before we get that next big moment of drama and step in the story.

Jordan Belfi in Ex-Wife Killer (2017) (aka: Eyewitness)

Maybe the actual problem is that "Ex-Wife Killer" fails to really generate that tense atmosphere which this sort of slow build up movie needs or the character depth to make us connect with them, especially Josie. It is a shame as this certainly has some twists and the acting throughout is mostly above average for a made for TV movie. Plus some of the locations are beautiful; in fact there are times where "Ex-Wife Killer" feels more like a big screen movie rather than one which was intentionally made for TV.

What this all boils down to is that "Ex-Wife Killer" was a decent surprise as it was a movie with some ideas and some clever developments. But this is a movie which is a slow burner and at times it struggles to keep your attention due to it being slow going.