Evil Aliens (2005) starring Emily Booth, Jamie Honeybourne, Sam Butler, Jodie Shaw directed by Jake West Movie Review

Evil Aliens (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sam Butler and Emily Booth in Evil Aliens (2005)

Probing New Regions

With her job as presenter of TV show Weird World in danger, Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) puts together a team to head to a remote island off of the coast of Wales where reports of an alien abduction has taken place. With her odd ball crew and finding themselves with some less than hospitable Welsh farmers they soon realise that the abduction is actually real and Michelle has a chance for a real shot of fame, that is if they can survive not just the aliens but also Welsh farmers with chainsaws and a local girl impregnated by an alien.

Look I know that "Evil Aliens" is really a homage to bad horror movies and ties to be a sexy comedy at the same time but for me it really doesn't work. This feels like a bunch of amateurs have clubbed together what ever money they could scrape together, spent it on the special effects and then made a movie. The result of which is one which for the most is painfully bad even more than when it is trying to be intentionally bad and once in a while grabs you attention with some surprisingly entertaining special effects including a comical one involving some classic alien probing.

The thing is that if I watched "Evil Aliens" on a Friday night with some mates after we had knocked back a few pizzas and beers I reckon we would have a right laugh watching it and more than likely mocking it. Sex scenes, gore, drug taking, whinging nerdy characters, fake crop circles, alien probing and a whole lot more would all entertain if we were all a little drunk. But watched stone cold sober and "Evil Aliens" really does little for you with just those special effects actually making you smile.

What this boils down to is that "Evil Aliens" was not for me and was hard work from start to finish even taking in to account that this was made with tongue firmly in cheek, whose cheek that tongue is in is another matter.