Evidence (2013) Radha Mitchell, Torrey DeVitto, Caitlin Stasey, Dale Dickey, Stephen Moyer Movie Review

Evidence (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Radha Mitchell in Evidence (2013)

Evidence that Found Footage is Weak

Following a massacre at an abandoned gas station involving passengers on a bus Detectives Burquez (Radha Mitchell) and Reese (Stephen Moyer) try to understand what happened using video footage they recovered from the scene even though parts of it are hugely damaged by a fire. Combining footage from various sources they soon begin to question what went on and who was behind several murders.

I really don't find what is so great about found footage movies, in fact I reckon there has only been a couple which have genuinely managed to entertain and "Evidence" isn't one of them. But whilst I found "Evidence" as tedious and as phoney as pretty much ever found footage movie I have watched I will admit that the idea of a couple of detectives trying to work out what happened at a crime scene using damaged found footage had the potential to be clever as well as frightening with a touch of the slasher about it. But sadly it never really comes together to create the right atmosphere of fear.

But the trouble for me, as is the case in pretty much every found footage movie, is that the characters in "Evidence" end up as annoying as listening to nails being scraped down a blackboard. This comes from the fact that none of them come across as real people and act as if they are trying to steal scenes from others. It is a shame because in between all the noise from characters who get on your nerves we get this storyline coming together from an unlisted passenger with a bag of money to an accident which we quickly discover was sabotage which in turn leads are survivors to the abandoned gas station. But due to all the nonsense you get with found footage movies the better parts of the story end up being crowded out by nonsense and I include using night vision footage in that nonsense.

What this all boils down to is that "Evidence" certainly has some good ideas but the whole found footage side of things ends up diluting all the good bits and getting on your nerves by being too phoney when it comes to the way the characters act on a home made camera when they are in danger. Just ask yourself this, who records what is going on when there are murders going on?