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Elisa Donovan in Eve's Christmas (2004)

Eve's Christmas Present

Christmas is coming and advertising executive Eve Simon (Elisa Donovan - Clueless) finds her self all alone as her only friend is her assistant Mandy (Erin Karpluk - Family Sins) and her lover just happens to be her boss Neil (Kavan Smith) who whilst separated from his wife decides to spend Christmas with his family. Having not been back home in eight years since she decided to pursue a career rather than marry her then fiance Scott (Sebastian Spence - A Crime of Passion) Eve makes a wish on a Christmas star before falling to sleep in a drunken stooper. But when she wakes up she finds herself transported back to eight years earlier and facing the same decisions again as to whether to reject love for career even though she knows that Neil only employed her because he liked her photo on her resume.

The movie reviewer in me sat down to watch "Eve's Christmas" and shortly found myself groaning as I realised this was little more than a TV movie rip-off of "The Family Man" spliced with "Back to the Future" as Eve gets to return to the life she once had and revisit a decision she was going to make. In fact if I could be bothered I could list more than a dozen movies and half a dozen TV movies which have used the same sort of idea of a person in the now getting to go back in time to get a second chance and an opportunity to do things differently.

But when I sat down to watch "Eve's Christmas" I did so mainly as a movie fan and one who is a big sucker for Christmas movies even those which I know are going to be lacking in original ideas whilst high on cheesy dialogue and corny characters. And as such "Eve's Christmas" served up everything I had been expecting from those annoyingly fake characters to some abysmal dialogue which any other time of the year would make me cringe. I did say normally and when it comes to Christmas movies I am a lot more forgiving and in a way if the characters hadn't been cheesy, the dialogue corny and the plot obvious it probably wouldn't have felt right.

Now don't get me wrong as "Eve's Christmas" is far off being a great movie and if it wasn't for the Christmas connection I wouldn't hesitate to slam it left, right and centre but its Christmassy nature saves it. It is fun, sweet, cute and more importantly festive which in truth is what I wanted and whilst what this really means is that "Eve's Christmas" is the sort of movie which struggles to keep hold of your attention it is enjoyable background entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that if you stumble across "Eve's Christmas" on the TV schedule this Christmas it is the sort of movie which you don't need to go out of your way to watch but if you catch it whilst flicking channels it makes for okay background entertainment.

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