Endless Love (2014) Movie Review

Endless Love (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer in Endless Love (2014)

A Mechanic & the Med Student

When Hugh (Bruce Greenwood - Saving Milly) and Anne Butterfield's (Joely Richardson - Lies My Mother Told Me) eldest son Chris died of cancer it undeniably rocked the family especially as being a doctor Hugh couldn't save him. Not only that but Hugh had expected him to follow the family tradition of entering the medical profession and as his next child, Keith (Rhys Wakefield), had no interest in becoming a doctor Hugh has high hopes for his daughter Jade (Gabriella Wilde) especially as through out High School she has shunned socializing to spend time at home. But that all changes after graduation and mechanic's son, David (Alex Pettyfer - Beastly), enters Jade's life and much to Hugh's frustration distracts her from the plan he had set out. It leads to Hugh trying to split them up, one way or another.

I suppose it has been a few years since I last watched a romantic drama built around a social divide and as such I reckon there would be those who could watch "Endless Love" and be romanced by this story about fighting for love and rebelling against those who try to prevent it. Heck I reckon there are probably those who are even familiar with the social divide love story that will also enjoy "Endless Love" because it isn't half bad. But what it does mean is that it is a movie which feels familiar and predictable as you know that Hugh will resort to anything to keep his daughter on the path he had planned for her because he can't deal with "losing" another child.

The thing is that whilst "Endless Love" is certainly entertaining and delivers plenty of teen-tastic romantic drama which will get some cooing there is nothing new in the movie. As such I have to say that whilst Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde make for a pleasant couple, with Pettyfer giving it nice guy rough whilst Wilde does cutesy innocent, the romantic rollercoaster they go on right down to the sort of surprise ending is completely unsurprising. In fact it is Bruce Greenwood who delivers the movie's strongest performance especially during the climactic ending as he has to confront his own issues.

What this all boils down to is that "Endless Love" is a good movie, a really solid romantic drama, a good date movie which will probably impress a young, loved up audience. But for me there was little in this movie which I felt I had never seen before and as such it didn't blow me away despite still enjoying it.