Eat, Play, Love (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Eat, Play, Love (2017)

A Dog's for Life

When her grandpa Isaac (Lee Majors) decides to retire Dr. Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley) returns to her Minnesota hometown to take over his veterinary practice and that also sees her helping out at Forever Friends Animal Shelter. It leads to her not only catching up with old friend Michelle (Lucie Guest) but also Michelle's brother Dan (Jason Cermak) who was her high school sweetheart. Dan has a gift for matching dogs with new owners and quite a dab hand when it comes to matching up people as he introduces widowed Isaac to Mrs. Gilbert (Lindsay Wagner). But things become complicated as Carly realises she still has feelings for Dan, thanks to a little manipulation from Michelle, but he is with Kristi (Emily Maddison) a catty presenter for a local TV station who has just got a job in New York and insists Dan goes with her and they get married.

"Eat, Play, Love" is the sort of Hallmark romantic comedy which whilst I watched I really wondered whether to bother reviewing. That isn't because it is a bad movie just a completely stereotypical Hallmark rom-com as we have the woman returning to town who realises she has feelings for her former high school sweetheart but of course he is with the completely wrong sort of person for him. I wish I could tell you there was something more substantial to it than that but this is as simple as they come with some nice scenic shots of a beautiful town as well as some nice characters who are inoffensive.

That brings me to what "Eat, Play, Love" ends up being all about which is appeal of the cast and yes Jen Lilley and Jason Cermak are certainly pleasant as are Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner for older Hallmark fans and yes that does mean we have The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman on screen together. Plus there is Lucie Guest who is equally nice as Dan's sister but these characters are as routine as everything else in the movie. Although dog loving fans of Hallmark movies might enjoy seeing Gidget on screen again; the adorable and talented dog who in this movie plays Beasley.

What this all boils down to is that "Eat, Play, Love" is just a routine Hallmark romantic comedy, the sort of thing which you can map out in your own mind by the time the final main character is met. It doesn't make it bad it just makes it the easy sort of movie which is likely to only appeal to fans of Hallmark movies.