Earthfall (2015)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Joe Lando and Andrew Elvis Miller in Earthfall (2015)


Steve Lannon (Joe Lando) was having a pretty routine day as he was trying to complete a report whilst have a video chat with his wife, Nancy (Michelle Stafford), and daughter, Rachel (Denyse Tontz), both in different parts of the country. The only thing close to being different is his friend Vince (Andrew Elvis Miller) was babbling more than normal about some stuff going down. And it seem Vince was right as a meteor passes the Earth and in doing so puts the whole planet off whack by turning it 90 degrees. Despite the meteor causing mass death, destruction and knocking out communications Steve and Vince set out to try and track down his daughter whilst Nancy does the same. But when Steve and Vince come across a secret government installation they also discover that America is planning on using a blast to try and put the planet back on its right axis.

The Proclaimers sang about walking 500 miles but watching the characters in "Earthfall" walk and sometimes drive mile after mile in the aftermath of a close encounter of a meteor kind ends up pretty boring. Yes, "Earthfall" rather than being about some scientist trying to prevent a meteor from crashing in to our doomed planet whilst trying to save his estranged family we have the scientist still trying to save his family but in the post apocalypse as cities have been destroyed. It is just a minor variation on the usual formula and unfortunately it isn't a very good one as watching Steve and Vince try to find his daughter and so on ends up a lot of talking surrounded by some unsurprisingly dubious effects, well this is a made for TV sci-fi movie.

One of the most surprising things about "Earthfall" is that usually a movie which struggles for story or special effects will manage to draw you in the the likeable nature of the cast. But sadly the characters in this movie are so anonymous that even Joe Lando and Michelle Stafford can do little to make you warm to them.

What this all boils down to is that "Earhtfall" crashed in a big way and ended up even by made for TV sci-fi standards a poor movie which just fails to grab your attention from start to finish due to the uninteresting nature of the characters.