Driven Underground (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kristy Swanson in Driven Underground (2015)

Losing Faith with the Law

When teenager Christy Palmer (Emily Tennant) witnesses a man killing another in the woodlands she ends up running for her life and making it to the police station where she not only gives a statement but picks out the killer, Karl Harvey (Rick Ravanello) from a line up. But when Harvey's smart lawyer gets him out on bail Christy and her mother Sarah (Kristy Swanson) find themselves the victims of some threatening behaviour. With the police unable to stop the threats and suspicion there is a leak within the police force Sarah takes matters in to her own hands and takes Christy far away to Oregon without telling anyone where they have gone with the police fearing she has been kidnapped.

I am going to leave it there but will say that synopsis barely covers the first half of "Driven Underground" and we get some more drama in the second half with Christy and Sarah starting a new life in Oregon whilst always looking over their shoulders. And what his means if that "Driven Underground" is a movie of the two halves with the first half build up being all about this nightmare situation escalating where Sarah and Christy find themselves in danger from a criminal and there appears to be a crooked cop within the police station with the camera focusing on Lochlyn Munro as Detective Boyce as he constantly acts suspicious making calls in private and hiding evidence in his pocket. But with it seeming obvious, almost inept movie making to making it so obvious you wonder whether that is a red herring, well for a while at least.

Rick Ravanello in Driven Underground (2015)

As for the second half, well that is where "Driven Underground" reminded me of the Julia Roberts movie "Sleeping with the Enemy" as we have Christy and Sarah cautiously trying to create a new life for themselves hidden away whilst always looking over their shoulders just in case they need to make a quick getaway. As such the single Sarah meets a nice guy who wants to help. The thing is that whilst I mentioned "Sleeping with the Enemy" "Driven Underground" reminded me of a few other movies which feature a similar storyline of someone running away from trouble and then having to try and keep a low profile in case trouble ever tracks them down.

What is clear is that the producers have pulled in quite a few regulars from the world of TV movies such as Kristy Swanson, Emily Tennant, Lochlyn Munro, Rick Ravanello, Sebastian Spence, Rachel Hayward and Lucia Walters to name just a few of the recognizable faces in this. What is kind of amusing is all these actors seem to have crossed paths before in other TV movies some times as business partners other times romantically and occasionally as enemies so it is fun to have so many together in one movie even if their characters are little more than cliches.

What this all boils down to is that "Driven Underground" made me smile mainly because of the number of regular TV movie actors it features. But beyond that there is nothing special about this made for TV thriller which is all about its easy to watch nature rather than grit and realism.