Dragon Hunter (2009) Kelly Stables, Brad Johnson, Newell Alexander, Erik Denton Movie Review

Dragon Hunter (2009)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Dragon Hunter (2009)

Dragon On

As a baby Kendrick's (Maclain Nelson) parents were killed and it was his elder brother Darius (Erik Denton) who would raise him. But many years have passed and Kendrick has grown in to a brave warrior much to the fear of Darius who still feels it is his job to protect him. When news arrives that dragons have returned the brothers head to the castle of Ocard to be trained as dragon hunters. But their journey there is not a smooth one and they must overcome a number of troubles along the way.

Erm, I am kind of lost for what to write when it comes to "Dragon Hunter" as I don't think I have watched something this tedious in a long time. What I got was some actors I had never heard of before walking through various woods, waffling on about nothing of real importance and then repeating with many of these scenes shot at night so the darkness covers up for a lack of budget. Throw in the cliche young woman who is meant to be the warrior princess style character but only comes across like a woman wearing a leatherette boob tube. That is it and sadly it is one of the most tedious movies I have come across.

The one thing I will say is that whilst the camera work in "Dragon Hunter" often has that floaty feel of a camera man unable to stay still for a second at least the quality of the image is good. I know it isn't much of a positive but at least once in a while there is a nice image captured which grabs your attention which trust me in such a tedious movie such small mercies are welcome.

What this all boils down to is that "Dragon Hunter" didn't do it for me and is one of the most tedious movies I have come across which relies heavily on boring waffle to try and entertain.