Double Platinum (1999)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Diana Ross in Double Platinum (1999)


Singing in a small Atlanta bar with a young child Olivia (Diana Ross) is offered the chance to further her musical career by moving to New York but meets opposition from her husband Adam (Brian Stokes Mitchell) who expects her to be his wife and be happy with that. Unable to live an unhappy life Olivia takes the heartbreaking decision to leave both Adam and her daughter to head to New York to try and make it as a singer. 18 years later and now a big music star Olivia tries to reconnect with her estranged daughter Kayla (Brandy Norwood) who doesn't even know that superstar Olivia is her mum. But years of being estranged makes it difficult despite having a shared love of singing.

Here we go with another made for TV movie that you really need to be in the right frame of mindd to watch because if you are not "Double Platinum" is going to annoy the hell out of you. Why? Well despite having a nice idea the actual writing isn't that strong, it is often cliche, the acting is not the best and with it starring Diana Ross and Brandy playing a mother and daughter it is filled with them singing. In fact in "Double Platinum", which lasts just over 90 minutes, I counted at least 11 scenes of them singing with some feeling like music videos which unfortunately feel out of place. That is why you need to be in the right mood to watch "Double Platinum" and its estranged mother daughter drama.

Brandy Norwood in Double Platinum (1999)

Now to be honest "Double Platinum" is an incredibly predictable movie, not only by the up and down storyline but also in style. As such from the minute we watch Kayla win a radio competition for a mystery evening and ending up meeting Olivia pretty much everything which follows is predictable and cliche. You know there will be resentment, tears, lack of trust and with them both being singers issues of interfering and limelight stealing. And in style there are no surprises either, from the music breaks often looking like they are actual music videos to the movie's ending which I won't say what happens but lets be honest it doesn't take a genius to guess the climax when you have two singers.

Having said that the basic storyline to "Double Platinum" is in itself quite pleasant or at least the idea of an estranged mother trying to make amends and help her daughter. It could do with some better writing, less cliche and a few original ideas wouldn't go a miss but for some the pleasantness of this estranged mother daughter drama will be enough. But as I said it is a movie where you have to be in the right mood because if you are feeling in the least bit jaded you are going to end up annoyed by much of the cliche and music video look.

And if you are not in the right mood the acting is going to grate as well rather than just leaving you under whelmed if you are in a good mood. Basically the acting isn't great, it doesn't feel natural at all with Diana Ross often looking unsure whilst Brandy delivering stereotype anger. But at the same time it is not terrible and to be honest there is a beauty to Diana Ross which makes those unsure moments feel like moments of vulnerability which are great in contrast to all the over theatrical musical scenes.

What this all boils down to is "Double Platinum" is just a typical run of the mill TV movie, an adequate estranged mother daughter drama which if you are in the right mood will be pleasant entertainment. It could be a lot better but it is not terrible and whilst for me there are too many music video style scenes listening to Diana Ross sing is always a joy.