Double Mommy (2016) Morgan Obenreder, Mark Grossman, Bruce Boxleitner, Griffin Freeman Movie Review

Double Mommy (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Double Mommy (2016)

Heteropaternal Superfecundation

Whilst her boyfriend Ryan (Griffin Freeman - Sugar Daddies) was out of town working Jess (Morgan Obenreder) went to a party with her friends. Despite having stayed on soft drinks she can't remember much about the night other than Brent (Mark Grossman - Break-Up Nightmare) drove her home. A few weeks later Jess and Ryan receive the shocking news that she is not only pregnant but expecting twins. Whilst Jess's parents are supportive Ryan's mum is concerned as to how it will affect his future. When Jess starts to remember things from the party she starts to wonder whether she was in fact date raped by Brent. When a paternity test uncovers the rare phenomena that Jess's twins have different fathers Brent finds himself the focus of an investigation as his dad tries to pay off Jess and her family to protect his son's future, not the first time he has had to intervene for his son.

Well for all their faults you certainly can learn some thing from watching TV movies as today I learned about "heteropaternal superfecundation"; which is simply when a fertile woman has sex with two men and two eggs are fertilized by each of the men's sperm giving the phenomena of twins with different daddies. I will be honest, when this was put forwards as part of the storyline to "Double Mommy" I thought how far fetched but as it turns out it isn't. Unfortunately "heteropaternal superfecundation" is jut a gimmick used in "Double Mommy" to lead us in to a more traditional area for TV movies where we have a teen victim of date rape and the rapist's wealthy father doing what is necessary to try and protect his son from getting a bad reputation and destroying his future.

As such what "Double Mommy" ends up is a typical drama which sees Jess having to deal with the manipulative Brett and his father whilst trying to expose Brent as a rapist, some thing he has done before and had covered up by his father. Unfortunately whilst this sort of storyline has potential this one only ends up typical especially when we see how low down and dirty Brent's father can get in protecting his son and manipulating others. What that means is that whilst you have some teen appeal with Griffin Freeman and Morgan Obenreder you also have Bruce Boxleitner playing it mean which is a highlight.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Double Mommy" has plenty of potential to do something different with an unusual set up, but the rest of the movie ends up pretty routine with a rapist and his dangerous, wealthy dad capable of anything to protect a son's future.