´╗┐ Double Daddy (2015) Mollee Gray, Brittany Curran, Cameron Palatas, Maeve Quinlan, RenÚ Ashton, Boyd Kestner, Lucy Sheftall Movie Review

Double Daddy (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Mollee Gray in Double Daddy (2015)

Father of their Children

Connor (Cameron Palatas) and Amanda (Mollee Gray) have been a couple for quite a while but whilst she is away he throws a party and in a completely drunken state ends up being seduced by Heather (Brittany Curran - Legally Blondes) who ends up having sex with him. But things get extremely messy when first Heather discovers she is pregnant and doesn't hide it from Amanda that Connor is the dad and then Amanda discovers she is also pregnant. With things kicking off with Amanda and Connor's parents unhappy about the mess their teenagers are in they also having to deal with Heather being extremely devious and obsessed with Connor being her baby daddy.

Item one on my agenda in this review of "Double Daddy" is the simple fact that Heather took advantage of a drunk Connor who was so drunk he hadn't got a clue of what was going on. Now remembering that this movie was inspired by a true story I am wondering why no one raised the simple fact that Heather took advantage of him. Anyway beyond that what "Double Daddy" delivers a story about a girl who has it rough when it comes to her home life looking to escape it through seducing Connor and getting pregnant. And as such Heather is your pretty typical made for TV psycho who will manipulate people, lie and do all sorts of things to get her way.

Brittany Curran in Double Daddy (2015)

The trouble is that whilst "Double Daddy", with its young cast, is clearly aimed at a younger audience than I am it is still pretty standard stuff. As such the characters are little more than stereotypes and the nefarious actions of Heather are just as typical and as such you are constantly waiting for something different to happen than the usual. And to be honest whilst the likes of Mollee Gray and Brittany Curran have a certain appeal the acting is at times hit n miss with it not being natural.

What this all boils down to is that "Double Daddy" isn't a bad movie, but it is one which is stereotypical when it comes to the set up of an unhinged teen capable of doing some very bad things to get their way.