Don't Wake Mommy (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sara Rue in Don't Wake Mommy (2015) (aka: Dark Intentions)


Molly (Ashley Bell) and husband Brad (Dean Geyer) are first in their group of friends to have a child and Molly is finding being a mum really hard going whilst dealing with postpartum depression. It is why she ends up registering with an online forum for mothers where she meets Beth (Sara Rue) who seams great and gives Molly the confidence boost she needs. Before long Beth is moving in to keep Molly company whilst Brad is on duty with the fire brigade. But slowly Beth appears to take over Molly's life until one day her baby goes missing.

"Don't Wake Mommy" starts with Beth go full out wacko on a doctor and his wife claiming he got her pregnant and she grabs a kitchen knife firstly threatening to kill herself and then the doctor. Jump forwards a little while and after meeting struggling Molly Beth enters her life and whilst Beth buddies up to Molly she is threatening to her friends. After those two sentences I am now losing the will to live because despite a crush on Sara Rue "Don't Wake Mommy" is such a typical Lifetime movie that you could stop watching after half an hour and not only know what is going to happen when it comes to Molly and her baby but also Molly's friend who is suspicious of Beth.

The worst thing about "Don't Wake Mommy" is it fails to really bring any life to this "Hand that Rocks the Cradle" style storyline. It makes it one of those movies you watch and wait and wait for something exciting to happen and hit half way thinking maybe nothing exciting is ever going to happen other than Sara Rue clearly suffering from a dark side with one catty look after another.

What this al boils down to is that "Don't Wake Mommy" is like an introductory Lifetime movie for those who have not had the pleasure and pain of their particular brand of entertainment. But if you are a veteran Lifetime movie fan this comes up of anything new to make it worth the time.